CBI January 2016

A business theorist who focuses on the intersection of psychology, commerce, and technology, Nir Eyal has identified the four critical factors that help determine why some products and services succeed and others don’t. He’ll share what he’s learned during his MYZONE-sponsored keynote presentation on “Consumer Behavior: Creating Habit-Forming Products” during IHRSA 2016 in Orlando.

“CBI is the best trade magazine out there! It is clear, comprehensive and provides a multitude of ideas and resources.”

Bill McBride, President & CEO

Active Wellness, Sausalito, CA

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Industry Outlook 2016: The CBI brain trust’s predictions
  • A Social Media Update: How to choose the right platforms
  • Sensory, Multimedia, Success: Technology is transmuting exercise
  • IHRSA European Congress: The 15th was magnifique in Marseille
  • First Person: Debra Siena, the president of Midtown Health, discusses healthcare affiliations
  • F.I.T. Extra: Ongoing improvement of club management software increases both access and efficiency
  • First Set: Focus on fresh ideas and new strategies for the coming year, advises Chairperson Molly Kemmer
  • Best Practices: John Atwood on evaluating club locations
  • In Brief: Understanding the legislative environment is a critical requirement for club owners
  • Success by Association: Susan Cooper’s BodyBusiness thrives with the help of good advice from IHRSA
  • Value Proposition: TRUE Fitness Technology’s focus on quality and the user experience ensures success
  • Last Rep: Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA, resolves to ensure that IHRSA 2016 helps make your resolutions come true