CBI February 2021

Sandra Dunne of Gym Plus Ireland believes that customer service is the key to rebuilding the industry.

“This is a fun industry. Nobody wants to go somewhere where it’s miserable. I’m all for financial targets and KPIs, but you have to create the right environment.”

Sandra Dunne, Managing Director

Gym Plus Ireland


  • The Narrative Is Changing: CBI Editor-in-Chief Jim Schmaltz gives credit to IHRSA, state fitness alliances, industry leaders, and everyday club owners for establishing to policymakers and medical authorities that health clubs are safe, vital, and should remain open.


  • Putting the Customer First: After a tumultuous year, Sandra Dunne, managing director of Gym Plus Ireland, hasn’t lost her optimistic outlook for the industry she loves. She explains why she gives high priority to member relations and customer service, and why the personal touch is the key to bringing customers back to clubs as reopenings gain momentum.
  • Clubs Answer a Higher Community Calling: During the pandemic, it was health clubs who came to the rescue of their neighbors. Here are a few who answered the call.
  • Clearing the Air: A look at some of the new safety measures, including air purification and circulation, that continue to make clubs safe places to visit.
  • Reimagining Your Health Club Design: Entrepreneur David Barton shares his philosophy for his flamboyant gym designs, then lends his advice to three international gyms.

News & Know How

  • News: IHRSA SMART Summit heading to Munich, Germany, IHRSA’s Active & Safe Commitment gains a global foothold, Peloton makes a big deal, and the industry mourns the passing of Stephen Tharrett.
  • Call to Action: A graphic look at actionable data that reveals changing consumer attitudes.
  • Influencer: Exerp’s Tom Kemp offers strategic advice on mastering technology in disruptive times.
  • Research Roundup: Highlights from the newly released 2020 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report.
  • Formula for Success: Club OS has built automation tools that can streamline and boost your sales efforts.
  • Formula for Success: Learn how SportsArt’s green technology can give clubs a competitive advantage.

IHRSA Report

  • Leadership: With IHRSA’s initiatives leading the way, the industry is gaining momentum.
  • Best Practices: Our research expert mines the data to help you develop strategies to bring consumers back to your health club after months of uncertainty.
  • Advocacy: We’ve learned the hard way that clubs need to have a voice in the halls of power. To help you gain influence with policymakers, our advocacy team has created a club owner’s guide to lobbying.
  • Legacy: Giampaolo Duregon, president of ANIF, Italy’s top fitness federation, weighs in on the state of the industry and what’s ahead.