“CBI is the best magazine in the health club industry!”

Laury Hammel, President

The Longfellow Club, Wayland, MA

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Looking Ahead II: 2017 insights from new IHRSA members
  • #WhyGetActive: Active Wellness has winning answers
  • Nothing but the Best: Cherry Creek relies on certifications
  • Passion vs. Practicality: The delicate balance of club design
  • First Person: IHRSA 2017 keynote speaker Martin Lindstrom describes what Sherlock Holmes sees that BIG Data often misses
  • F.I.T. Extra: Creative group exercise programming is inspiring and driving many of 2017’s top fitness trends
  • First Set: In a techno-centric world, empathy and social intelligence are key, says IHRSA Chair Rasmus Ingerslev
  • Best Practices: Shannon Malooly on creating a winning logo; Kevin Caldabaugh on besting the boutiques
  • In Brief: This year, PHIT, the IHRSA-backed legislation, enjoys an improved chance of passage
  • Success by Association: As it closes in on its 40th year, Plymouth Fitness maintains its fresh, contemporary appeal
  • Value Proposition: Netpulse has pivoted from being a hardware company to being a leading app provider
  • Last Rep: Finally! A better chance that PHIT might pass, observes Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA