CBI December 2018

Looking to the future: Stephen Capezzone, the CEO of Healthtrax International Inc., believes that the industry's universe will revolve around medically based fitness.

“In my opinion, it seems that the entire medical-fitness industry has been turned on its ear, and the old ways of doing things aren’t working anymore. I regard this as an opportunity.”

Stephen Capezzone, CEO

Healthtrax International Inc. - Glastonbury, CT


  • Looking to the Future: “I wake up every morning with a fire in my belly,” reports Stephen Capezzone, who, in a variety of roles, has spent the past 37 years helping Healthtrax International, Inc., become one of the nation’s premier providers of integrated health-improvement programs and services. Now, as CEO, he says, “We’re committed to taking Healthtrax to the next level—whatever that may be.”
  • First-time Franchise: A friendly guide to accessing financing and assessing the risks.
  • Programs with Pizzazz: These 9 new concepts are going to generate lots of excitement.
  • Knockout Workouts: Boxing and kickboxing programs are the industry’s new champions.

News & Know How

  • News: IHRSA’s Indian report; NEHRSA goings-on; In Memoriam, Don Wildman and Rich DeVos; 1.4 billion non-exercisers at risk; workouts at 45 degree Fahrenheit; exciting new exercise options; Latin American News; and more.
  • First Person: John Holsinger, IHRSA’s director of Asia-Pacific, describes what’s been happening on his 27-country beat.
  • On the Move: GHF’s transformation; Club Pilates on Demand; CycleBar rolls into London; World Gym Athletics expands; Gold’s Gym winners; and more club news.

IHRSA Report

  • Identical Goals: Our industry and the President’s Council share similar goals, reports IHRSA Chairperson Jim Worthington in this month's First Set.
  • Best Practices: Senior research manager Melissa Rodriguez highlights findings from The 2018 IHRSA Club Consumer Report.
  • The Lessons of 2018: The lessons from this year can inform club representative decisions in 2019, suggests Jeffrey Perkins, J.D., in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Success by Association: Hagabadet, a 142-year-old “bathhouse,” is now a growing club venture in Göteborg, Sweden.
  • Value Proposition: Fitness EMS: Fine-tuning the communication process has made equipment repair and maintenance easier, quicker, and more efficient than ever.
  • Passport Program Supercharge: IHRSA has “supercharged” its Passport Program, announces Joe Moore, the association’s president and CEO, in this month's Last Rep.