CBI August 2019

Phillip and Dr. Jackie Mills, M.D., are, respectively, the executive and creative forces that empower the Les Mills International empire.

“Les Mills workouts are licensed by 20,316 clubs in 110 countries, and each week some 140,000 accredited instructors deliver group workouts to more than 7 million people.”

Phillip Mills, Executive Director

Les Mills International, Ltd.


  • Phillip Mills on Demand: What began, first, as a modest gym in a garage and, then, as a single club in Auckland, New Zealand, is now a 12-facility chain and a programming empire with a presence in 110 countries. The couple responsible are Phillip Mills, the executive director of Les Mills International, Ltd., and his wife, Dr. Jackie Mills, M.D., its chief creative officer.
  • Ex-streaming 1.01: How an IHRSA associate member helped the East Bank Club to begin streaming its classes.
  • App-lause! App-lause! Six accomplished industry professionals describe the business apps that they use and love.
  • The Mini-Moguls: Industry vets and newcomers are churning out small chains of franchised fitness facilities.

News & Know How

  • News: Fitness Business Podcast breakthrough; a 237-mph health club; a class on cannabis; gaming a mental health problem; GRIT BXNG debuts; the PHIT Coalition; Stone Creek and crawfish gumbo; and much more.
  • Latin American News: Life Fitness to equip 450 Smart Fit clubs; Cia Athletica members rally on motorcycles; and Sports World introduces a Millennial brand.
  • First Person: Public health expert Amy Bantham on the role and importance of the IHRSA Foundation.
  • On the Move: Personal20 intros Be Sublime; Anytime Fitness hits 100 in the Philippines; Orangetheory aids Augie’s Quest; Bannatyne’s $63 million redo; and more.

IHRSA Report

  • Disruption & Stability: In this month’s First Set, IHRSA is “the defining difference,” says Chairperson Jason Reinhardt.
  • Board Profiles: We introduce Chris Smith and Frank Lawrence, the two newest members of the IHRSA board.
  • Best Practices: Jake Gaschler, of KidCheck, Inc. sketches a game plan for introducing childcare at your club.
  • Dear Fitness Industry Colleagues: IHRSA issues an open letter to the fitness industry about UFIT and serving the disabled in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Proposition: ClassPass: Why ClassPass has become the must-have tool to grow your business.
  • Ensuring Progress: Setting and meeting goals is the key to progress, writes Joe Moore, president and CEO of IHRSA, in this month's Last Rep.