“Les Mills workouts are licensed by 20,316 clubs in 110 countries, and each week some 140,000 accredited instructors deliver group workouts to more than 7 million people.”

Phillip Mills, Executive Director

Les Mills International, Ltd.


  • Phillip Mills on Demand: What began, first, as a modest gym in a garage and, then, as a single club in Auckland, New Zealand, is now a 12-facility chain and a programming empire with a presence in 110 countries. The couple responsible are Phillip Mills, the executive director of Les Mills International, Ltd., and his wife, Dr. Jackie Mills, M.D., its chief creative officer.
  • Ex-streaming 1.01: How an IHRSA associate member helped the East Bank Club to begin streaming its classes.
  • App-lause! App-lause! Six accomplished industry professionals describe the business apps that they use and love.
  • The Mini-Moguls: Industry vets and newcomers are churning out small chains of franchised fitness facilities.

News & Know How

  • News: Fitness Business Podcast breakthrough; a 237-mph health club; a class on cannabis; gaming a mental health problem; GRIT BXNG debuts; the PHIT Coalition; Stone Creek and crawfish gumbo; and much more.
  • Latin American News: Life Fitness to equip 450 Smart Fit clubs; Cia Athletica members rally on motorcycles; and Sports World introduces a Millennial brand.
  • First Person: Public health expert Amy Bantham on the role and importance of the IHRSA Foundation.
  • On the Move: Personal20 intros Be Sublime; Anytime Fitness hits 100 in the Philippines; Orangetheory aids Augie’s Quest; Bannatyne’s $63 million redo; and more.

IHRSA Report

  • Disruption & Stability: In this month’s First Set, IHRSA is “the defining difference,” says Chairperson Jason Reinhardt.
  • Board Profiles: We introduce Chris Smith and Frank Lawrence, the two newest members of the IHRSA board.
  • Best Practices: Jake Gaschler, of KidCheck, Inc. sketches a game plan for introducing childcare at your club.
  • Dear Fitness Industry Colleagues: IHRSA issues an open letter to the fitness industry about UFIT and serving the disabled in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Proposition: ClassPass: Why ClassPass has become the must-have tool to grow your business.
  • Ensuring Progress: Setting and meeting goals is the key to progress, writes Joe Moore, president and CEO of IHRSA, in this month's Last Rep.