CBI April 2019

Saudi Arabia's leading club company, Leejam, fields a new generation of fitness with the aid of CEO Ahmar Azam and acting Chairman Ali al Sagri.

“Our ultimate goal is to find meaningful ways to use our intellectual property to create the products and services of the future. But to understand our future, we must first understand our past.”

Brad Wilkins, President

Cooper Health and Fitness - Dallas, TX


  • Leejam 3.0: Founded in 2005, the Leejam Sports Company has passed through two evolutionary periods, observes CEO Ahmar Azam: Leejam 1.0, itsentrepreneurial youth; and Leejam 2.0, its corporate phase. Now, buoyed by a $220.6 million IPO, and galvanized by Saudi Arabia’s acceptance of women’s health clubs, the company is poised to become an even greater force in the Middle East.
  • The Cooper Standard: CEO Brad Wilkins reflects on the past and future of Cooper Health and Fitness.
  • Virtual Goes Viral: Virtual fitness programming poses infinite options, as well as a few questions.
  • Value = Utility - Price: By preventing overcrowding, capacity management minimizes attrition.
  • Locker Room Tech: Bold graphics smart lighting, and self-healing lockers are shaking things up.

News & Know How

  • News: Institute insights; Orangetheory Fitness tops $1 billion; Equinox launches Precision Run Lab; fitness scores on Franchise 500 list; Taunton leaves Lift Brands; TRX recapitalizes;ClassPass acquires GuavaPass; and more.
  • Latin American News: ABC Financial acquires Brazilian market leader; Magatlon opens a second club in Rosario, Argentina; and MultiSpa's portfolio will soon hold six in Costa Rica.
  • First Person: Guillermo Velez, the founder and owners of Mercado Fitness, assesses the Latin America industry.
  • On the Move: Vivafit debuts in Kuwait; Greenwood’snew brand identity; Healthtrax relocates;Epstein is a Hometown Hero; PlanetFitness adds Cardio Express; and more.

IHRSA Report

  • Working Together: In this month’s First Set, IHRSA Board Chair Jim Worthington explains why IHRSA and the President's Council are ideal partners.
  • Best Practices: Consultant Fred Hoffman advises "older" managers how to work with "younger" staff.
  • Waiver Safeguards: Sports-wavier expert Doyice Cotten defines the key elements of a bullet-proof waiver in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • The Bold and the Strong: "Be bold and strong forces shall come to your aid," assures Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA in this month's Last Rep.