CBI April 2018

Gale Landers, the co-founder and owner of Fitness Formula, Ltd., makes use of a finely tuned equation—involving a hub-and-spoke strategy, standardized facilities, and close attention to the right metrics—to develop and operate great clubs in Chicago, one of the most competitive markets in the country. He’s currently at 10 clubs, and, believe us, he’s still counting.

“FFC constantly strives to get closer to great, and farther away from good. Being big and being great are two different concepts. Our mission will always be to own and operate superior clubs and to deliver outstanding results.”

Gale Landers, co-founder and owner

Fitness Formula, Ltd.


The Fitness Formula Factor

CBI Interview with Gale Landers' who has turned Fitness Formula Clubs into one of Chicago's dominant health club chains.

Data-Driven Retention

The data bits add up to insights about members that minimize attrition

A Personal and Small-Group Triumph!

IHRSA’s new Fitness Training Report

The Healing Touch

Clubs diversify their massage offerings to increase health benefits and improve business

An Oasis of Their Own

A well-designed locker room gives women a place to relax, reflect, and refresh

News & Know How

First Person: Jason Worthy

Jason Worthy, Life Fitness’ vice president of digital solutions and innovation, explores the industry’s digital landscape

IHRSA Report

Where Do Leaders Go to Improve?

IHRSA Chairperson Derek Gallup knows—and shares—the answer in this month's First Set.

Best Practices

Leadership tips from Maureen Hagan and Eddie Tock on leveraging member feedback

Getting Everyone Active

Five things you can do to make your club more inclusive, useful, and rewarding

Leading the Way in Challenging Times

Beating the odds, Ingesport/GO fit has thrived and transformed the Spanish industry

Value Proposition: OJMAR

Evolving for a century, OJMAR has emerged as a leading manufacturer of locks for clubs

It’s Time to Think Differently Again

What do club memberships, EFT, and Netflix have in common? Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA explores the connection in this month's Last Rep.