3 Steps to Success: Remote Personal Training for Your Gym [WEBINAR]

With gyms moving personal training online, your member experience needs to be sharper than ever. Presented by Polar.

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Brett Lato

Manager of Training & Education


Presented by Brett Lato, Manager of Training & Education, Polar

A majority of gyms have started offering some fitness classes and personal training online. Member experience is now more important than ever in order to retain your members as gyms around the world start planning for their rebound strategy. Join us in this IHRSA webinar presented by Polar to learn how you can enhance the members’ online experience.

You’ll learn how you can use free online tools to improve your clients' personal training experience. By using certain data and metrics, you can better amplify your reach, improve accountability for the client, and personalize training plans. Discover the many ways that training data can be the key differentiator when managing clients both virtually and with in-person sessions. Data drives decisions!

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify metrics that can be shared remotely and used to amplify virtual training reach
  • Use heart rate, activity, and GPS data to provide specific feedback and improve accountability
  • Incorporate live heart rate metrics with virtual training sessions
  • Use data summaries to aid in designing individualized training plans
  • Create custom training targets based on client goals/needs and modify them based on their response to prior training

“Trainers rarely come absent certifications, but in all my years I have yet to see a client come with an instruction manual. If you are waiting around for a manual, it may be awhile. If you are looking for innovative ways to make a difference today, you are in the right place! Data drives decisions.”

Brett Lato, Manager of Training & Education

Polar - Bethpage, NY

Presenter Profile:

Brett Lato has presented for several national organizations including IHRSA, SHAPE, and IDEA. He has also conducted educational webinars for Polar, ACSM, Club Industry, and others. His education includes a master’s of arts degree from the University of Northern Iowa and a bachelor’s of science degree from Louisiana State University. He currently serves as manager of training & education with Polar Electro Inc. and has worked with heart rate technology and education for over 12 years. In his current role, he works directly with personal trainers, physical educators, fitness directors, health club owners, strength and conditioning staff, and various collegiate and professional coaches across the country. At Polar, Lato works with a team of skilled trainers who conduct hundreds of on-line and on-site trainings annually, educating professionals on how best to utilize and incorporate heart rate-based training into their unique programs.