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230 Million by 2030

This publication is part of the fitness industry’s initiative to meet the global goal of 230 million health club members by the year 2030. This product is a PDF download and free to IHRSA members.

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This publication was released in March 2020 as part of the initiative to provide resources and guidance towards helping the fitness industry meet the global goal of 230 million health club members by the year 2030. It is sponsored by Gympass, Technogym, and Club Automation.

Over a year in the making, 230 Million by 2030 includes the latest relevant research and insights from IHRSA experts and thought leaders in the global health and fitness industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Chapter 1: How the Industry Can Rally a Global Health Initiative
  • Chapter 2: Wellness: An Imperative and an Opportunity
  • Chapter 3: Exercise & Health Outcomes: The Global Community Takes Action
  • Chapter 4: Sales & Marketing Trends of The Future
  • Chapter 5: The Role of Technology
  • Chapter 6: The Essential Role of Equipment Suppliers
  • Chapter 7: Innovations in Fitness Programming
  • Chapter 8: Improving Retention: Sustaining the Commitment To Fitness
  • Chapter 9: The Human Touch: Building and Retaining a Great Team
  • Chapter 10: Financial & Legal Strategies for Stable Growth

In addition, 230 Million by 2030 provides a wealth of useful links and additional resources.

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“The future of the health and fitness industry is bright, brighter than ever.”