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The National Health & Fitness Alliance

The need for a stronger, more politically powerful industry has never been greater!

When the health and fitness industry comes together to support common goals, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Financial support from the NHFA allows IHRSA to fight for the industry, stop harmful legislation, and promote the industry’s role in shaping a better future.

Advocating for a Strong, Successful Industry

The health and fitness industry must have a “seat at the table” when policymakers are discussing (and deciding) issues that affect the health of the nation, individual states, or the fates of America’s small businesses. A strong association with a powerful advocacy arm that represents and is supported by the entire health and fitness industry is necessary to track, confront, and overcome threats, jump on opportunities, and deliver results.

  • The NHFA Supports

    NHFA contributions fund Federal and State lobbying, issue tracking, grassroots action, coalition building, research, and more.

  • Maximize Growth

    Promoting industry contributions to health, happiness and prosperity. Increase access to physical activity and health education. Boosting consumer perception, investment, partnerships, and policymaker relationships.

  • Protect Clubs

    IHRSA protects clubs from legislative and regulatory burdens (tax proposals, restrictions on membership contracts, trainer regulations, regulations on biometrics, data collection, and more).

  • Influence

    Ensure our industry has a ‘seat at the table’ when policymakers are discussing the health of the nation or the fates of America’s small businesses.

Goals & Objectives

The overarching goal is to establish America’s health and fitness industry as ESSENTIAL to the country’s health.

  • Promote the industry’s vital contributions to the country’s health, happiness, and prosperity
  • Advocate for more physical activity
  • Boost consumer perception, develop medical and healthcare partnerships, and further policymaker relationships
  • Ensure policies and regulations do not negatively affect health and fitness business operations

Your Invitation to Join

A voice strong enough to cut through the noise in Washington D.C. is expensive. Representing the industry in all 50 states is expensive. These goals and objectives will only be achieved with adequate and steady financing.

Contributions of any dollar amount help IHRSA fulfill its role as your industry’s sole protector and advocate, and position the industry for continued success. 100% of your contribution directly supports the U.S. fitness industry.