Medical, Science, and Health Advisory Council

IHRSA’s first ever Medical, Science, and Health Advisory Council advises IHRSA’s executive staff and board of directors on current research and science that advances the health and fitness industry and protects public safety while improving individual and population health.

photo of Jason Beck

Jason Beck, M.D.

Arkansas Specialty Radiology

Founding and Managing Partner, Arkansas Specialty Radiology

As co-owner and medical director of onsite imaging solutions, Beck was instrumental in combining and developing technologies to revolutionize the way healthcare was delivered in the mobile imaging industry.

Beck remains the founding and managing partner of Arkansas Specialty Radiology, where he continues to practice as a neuro-radiologist. He has consulted with numerous companies to develop state of the art technology platforms.

Beck has three children and is an avid surfer, cyclist, and skier. He is also passionate about health and wellness through lifestyle intervention and has recently become board certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.