Strength-training Staples: Selectorized Machines

Selectorized machines have a wide appeal in the health club, from beginners to fitness gurus. Here are the latest from Core Health & Fitness, CardioGym, and more.

At any given point in time, certain forms of exercise and equipment seem to rise to the surface and dominate the industry’s headlines. At the same time, others continue to play a valuable role in clubs, evolving and innovating to meet members’ changing needs and preferences.

Such is the case with selectorized and circuit-training equipment.

The Appeal of Selectorized Machines

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“Selectorized machines appeal to many users, from novice to professional. They’re nonintimidating, easy to use, and biomechanically precise,” says Jim McIntyre, the strength products manager for TRUE Fitness. “Selectorized training has been an integral offering at clubs for decades. That’s not about to change.”

But manufacturers are hardly complacent. This year, for instance, TRUE is adding a rotary torso, deltoid raise, and horizontal leg curl to its 16-piece FUSE-XL selectorized line.

And club operators remain discriminating consumers. “They’re insisting that selectorized pieces provide sound movement patterns and smooth travel, so members will view them as a viable substitute to free weights,” says Rick Reading, SportsArt’s sales director for the U.S. and Canada. His company, he says, “is at the drawing board with some amazing new concepts.”

Other firms are busy creating new designs, as well.

Core Health & Fitness’ Nautilus ONE

The Nautilus ONE line, from Core Health & Fitness, replaces the standard selectorized pin with an intuitive, user-friendly dial to change resistance. The machines’ four-bar linkage and unique cam design provide fluid movement and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

CardioGym’s CG2 Functional Trainer

The new CG2 Functional Trainer, from CardioGym, features a motorized weight-selection system, allowing users to change resistance conveniently, quickly, and safely. And the single-unit CG2, with two 100-pound weight stacks and four cable/pulley systems, facilitates multiple exercises in a small area.

“Selectorized machines appeal to many users, from novice to professional. They’re nonintimidating, easy to use, and biomechanically precise.”

Jim McIntyre, Strength Products Manager

TRUE Fitness - St. Louis, MO

“This one innovative machine maximizes ease of use and efficiency for every exerciser,” says CardioGym President Darren Piggins.

Torque Fitness’ X-Create

Compact multipurpose machines provide new ways to offer circuit training, which, today, often involves more functional moves. Torque Fitness has introduced the customizable X-Create, a system that simultaneously accommodates multiple users. Its base module walls include pull-up stations and suspension anchors, affording a variety of options.

“Clubs want to expand their functional, small-group, and circuit workouts within the space they have,” says Jerry Dettinger, the CEO of Torque Fitness. “The X-Create is a versatile solution with a compact footprint, customizable layouts, and built-in storage.”

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