Stationary Bikes Just Keep Getting Better

New-concept upright and recumbent bikes are as exciting as they are essential to the health club experience.

Though each year they face clever new competition, classic upright and recumbent stationary bikes remain as essential, as integral, to a club’s success as its doors, walls, and floors.

They manage to do so by consistently providing a high-quality, results-oriented member experience ... and by constantly fine-tuning, refining, and upgrading.

Kevin Mast, the commercial cardio product manager for Matrix Fitness, posits that, “Bikes are still completely relevant.” And Matt Thorsen, a product manager for SportsArt, notes that, “Health clubs have diverse member demographics, with diverse desires, and there will always be people who want, or need, to use a bike.”

Matrix Fitness, SportsArt, TRUE Fitness, Life Fitness, Sunny Health & Fitness, and other IHRSA associate members continue to improve upon a near-perfect product category.

Equipment Sportsart Recum Bike Column

A SportsArt recumbent bike.

Matrix Fitness Simplifies

To simplify serviceability, Matrix Fitness locates the electronics on its upright and recumbent units under frame panels that can be easily removed for cleaning, diagnosis, and repair. The frames of the bikes feature top-down levelers and a lift handle to make them easy to move. And, by using the Virtual Active option, members can pedal their way down paths in different popular places around the world.

SportsArt’s Status Line

SportsArt’s new, reimagined Status line of uprights and recumbents boasts clean, elegant, and intuitive designs, and features the company’s unique ECO-POWER system, which promotes sustainability by transferring energy generated by exercisers back into the power grid.

TRUE Fitness’s Updated Interface

TRUE Fitness has outfitted its stationary bikes with an updated user interface, with a 16-inch Envision Premium touchscreen, that provides user profiles, exerciser connectivity, service accessibility, and asset management, and, eventually, will make use of artificial intelligence (AI).

“Health clubs have diverse member demographics, with diverse desires, and there will always be people who want, or need, to use a bike.”

Matt Thorsen, Product Manager

SportsArt - Mukilteo, WA

Life Fitness’ LifeCycle Bikes

Life Fitness’ LifeCycle bikes exemplify the impact of technology. The unit’s Discover SE3 HD console allows exercisers to explore courses all over the world, or to play virtual reality games while working out. In addition, the company’s new Halo Fitness Cloud integrates with more than 130 apps and wearables to track and manage an exerciser’s activity both inside and outside of the club.

“Innovation is going to continue taking place with respect to console technology,” says Lauren Platt, a spokesperson for Life Fitness.

Sunny Health & Fitness Talks Technology

And Lillian Rodriguez, an account executive at Sunny Health & Fitness, observes that, “People are increasingly reliant on fitness trackers, workout videos, and personalized workout programs to hit their health and fitness goals. Technology’s going to transform every aspect of cycling.”

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