Reopening FAQs Your Health Club Members Will Want to Know

One of the quickest ways to share new information about COVID-19 protocols is through an FAQ page. Here are some sample frequently asked questions you should consider answering for your members.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, your club has dealt with a lot. After months of uncertainty and forced closures, you may now be reopening under completely new circumstances. You’ve spent countless hours researching, restrategizing, and rebuilding your business and doing your best to keep communicating with your membership base. Now that you’re open, your members are excited to get back into their fitness routines.

Unsurprisingly, your members might have a lot of questions. Excitement to return to your club will likely be mixed with anxieties about their safety, the cleanliness of the club, club staff, and what changes they might see with their membership dues. We’ve compiled some key FAQs that you should provide answers that will help alleviate member concerns.

Membership Dues/Services Questions

  • What if I want to freeze or cancel my membership after the club reopens?
  • Will there be, or continue to be, virtual class offerings?
  • What changes can I expect in the locker rooms?
  • Will your spa/cafe/retail be open? If so, with what safety protocols in place?

Safety Questions

  • What is the club’s mask policy? Will masks be provided or available for purchase?
  • Are you providing towels or should I bring my own?
  • Will my temperature be taken when I arrive at the club?
  • How will equipment be spaced?
  • How will class capacity vary?

Cleaning Questions

  • How often will equipment be sanitized?
  • Will there be hand sanitizer and equipment wipes available?
  • What kind of HVAC/ventilation safety measures will be taken?
  • What cleaning protocols will be used in pools, courts, or children’s areas?

New Policy Questions

  • Will you have a reservation system for onsite classes?
  • Will there be separate hours or offerings for high-risk populations?
  • What will happen if a club member or staff tests positive for COVID-19?
  • How will guest pass programs change?

Staff Questions

  • What will you do to ensure your practices protect returning staff from exposure to COVID-19?
  • Will you test employees for COVID-19 before they return to work if testing is available?
  • Will you do daily monitoring of employee health (e.g. temperature checks)?
  • What additional training will be provided to employees following reopening?

These are just some of the frequently asked questions your members might have. As always, communication is key, and the more you’re able to listen and respond to the questions and concerns of your members, the sooner they’ll see the value they expect for the money they pay each month.

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Carolynn Jordan

Carolynn Jordan previously served as IHRSA's Member Communication Specialist—a position that developed outreach for IHRSA members to gain knowledge on how to best use their benefits and stay engaged in the IHRSA community.