The 2018 IHRSA / Fitness Brasil in Photos

    ​The 19th Annual IHRSA / Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show had some memorable events. Check them out.

    The 19th Annual IHRSA / Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show went off without a hitch. From August 30 to September 1 In São Paulo, an estimated 16,000 fitness experts and professionals came together for the largest gathering of its kind in Latin America—and the third largest worldwide. With over 80 lecturers and more than 120 exhibitors, there was plenty to learn and experience at the conference.

    Traditional Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

    Gustavo Almeida, Raul Abissamra Filho, Jim Worthington, Waldyr Soares, Joe Moore, Jacqueline Antunes, and Takashi Nishimura participated in the annual ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official start of the Trade Show.

    Industry News Joe Moore Gustavo Borges Column

    Joe Moore, left, and Gustavo Borges.

    Leaders Take the Stage

    Joe Moore, president and CEO of IHRSA, and Gustavo Borges, owner of Academia Gustavo Borges and former IHRSA board member, jump-started the conference by discussing the future of the fitness industry. Moore motivated the crowd by detailing IHRSA’s 230 by 2030 initiative, an industry-wide goal of reaching 230 million global health club users by 2030.

    Industry News Luke Carlson Column

    Luke Carlson and Jacqueline Antunes.

    Luke Carlson Talks Competing in a Saturated Market

    Luke Carlson, who spoke about competing against boutiques and low-cost clubs in a hyper-competitive market, stands with Jacqueline Antunes, IHRSA's director of Latin America. Carlson is the CEO of Discover Strength, an IHRSA member club in Bloomington, MN.

    Captivating Content

    Audience members gained invaluable knowledge and learned new skills from one of the many speakers. The speakers covered a range of topics, from technology to leadership.

    Industry News Worthington Soares Moore Column

    Partnerships Across Borders

    IHRSA Board Chair Jim Worthington, IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore, and Fitness Brasil founder and President Waldyr Soares celebrate the extension of the IHRSA / Fitness Brasil partnership through 2030. "We are excited about working with them to provide an unforgettable event experience each and every year,” Moore said after announcing the extension.

    Joe Moore Lauds Brazilian Fitness Industry

    "The Brazilian fitness market is so important—it’s the second-largest market in the world," Moore told IHRSA Brasil's Instagram followers. "So what we want to do is see it grow and grow."

    Industry News Latin America Group Shot Brasil Column

    Camaraderie Across Latin America

    Soares and Antunes with some members of the Latin America Group, which gathered on Saturday.

    Virtual Reality Hits the Trade Show

    A few Trade Show exhibits featured workouts with a VR-component this year. A little virtual rowing, anyone?

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