IHRSA Broadens Membership for More Flexibility & Greater Impact

As part of our efforts to lead the fitness industry to a robust recovery, we are introducing flexible, tiered membership options as well as expanded opportunities to individuals and studio facilities.

With all the fitness industry has been through over the last year, one thing is clear: Working together, supporting one another, and becoming a unified voice for the industry is the key to creating a successful—and robust—recovery.

To help with this effort, IHRSA is introducing flexible, tiered membership options, expanded opportunities to individuals and studio facilities, and will devote a portion of dues to fund advocacy, public affairs, and the IHRSA Foundation.

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More Options for Health Clubs, Gyms, & Fitness Facilities

Fitness facilities can now join IHRSA with a membership that fits their needs. They can choose from:

  1. Basic: This level is ideal for companies that want to engage with industry best practices, resources, and experts. Operators will have access to management tools and industry insights to recover, innovate, and grow their business while expanding their voice and becoming more active in public affairs.
  2. Standard: Equivalent to the existing club membership, this level is designed for operators who want to grow their business, develop skills, train staff, and contribute to the industry. Operators can expect diverse insight, data-driven research, and effective tactics to curate stronger industry relationships and help build their business. Current members will transition to the Standard Club Membership and enjoy added benefits.
  3. Premium: This level includes executive insight, priority service, exclusive networking, and greater brand recognition. Operators will participate in increased engagement with IHRSA and the global industry, including updates and access to public affairs matters and public relations regarding the image of the industry.

“The new tiered membership allows IHRSA members to engage with the fitness industry at a level of their choosing, and which fits their needs best,” says Alan Leach, an IHRSA board member and CEO for West Wood Club in Dublin, Ireland. “At a time when uniting the industry has become so important, the additional membership options provide a voice to sectors of the industry that weren’t previously represented.”

Expanded Opportunities for Studios, Boutiques, & Individuals

A Studio Membership and Professional Membership have also been expanded to make it easier for health and fitness professionals to become more involved with IHRSA and the industry as a whole.

“As a studio club owner I get so much value out of IHRSA for not only it’s advocacy leadership, but also for the value in networking with industry experts that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and even build friendships with,” says Carrie Kepple, co-owner and CEO of Styles Studios Fitness and the IHRSA Board chair. “IHRSA really keeps you on the front wave of consumer trends in the fitness industry and helps you to capitalize on those to grow your business. I highly recommend every club join IHRSA and collaborate to grow our industry globally.”

“At a time when uniting the industry has become so important, the additional membership options provide a voice to sectors of the industry that weren’t previously represented.”

Alan Leach

West Wood Club - Dublin, Ireland

With an IHRSA membership, studios and industry professionals can access invaluable resources, share their voices in the industry, build new relationships, learn new skills, and connect with the greater fitness industry.

“The goal of the tiered membership structure and additional membership options is to provide services to virtually any professional or business in the health and fitness industry,” says Brent Darden, IHRSA interim president and CEO. “It is our hope that more clubs, studios, and industry professionals will join IHRSA to become more active with advocacy and expand the voice of the industry.”

Membership that Makes an Impact

For U.S. members, a portion of dues will go toward public affairs and the National Health & Fitness Alliance (NHFA), while international members will contribute to the Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA).

In addition, IHRSA pledges to donate 1% of its total annual revenues to the IHRSA Foundation, which helps promote health through exercise on a global scale.

Not yet a member? Find out more by heading to our membership pages.

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