Fitness Industry Roundup: IHRSA Gyms Make ‘Most Beautiful’ List

    Men's Journal releases its 'Most Beautiful Gyms in the World' list, a gym membership-sharing app gains momentum, the trampoline fitness trend may hit the U.S., and more fitness industry news.

    This week, we look at a Men’s Journal article that named its most beautiful gyms in the world—including three IHRSA members—as well as a gym membership-share app that’s taking off in Colorado, The Claremont Club’s work with disabled patients, a Blink Fitness effort to reduce members’ stress, Gold’s Gym’s latest expansion, and more of the latest fitness industry news.

    IHRSA Members Make ‘Most Beautiful Gyms in the World’ List

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    Men’s Journal recently explored some of the top gyms around the globe and reported on what makes the facilities so special. The three IHRSA members featured on the list are: Zenergy in Sun Valley, ID, LA Athletic Club in Los Angeles, and The Sporting Club in Philadelphia. What makes these clubs so special, according to Men’s Journal, is a plethora of fitness classes, beautiful pools, hot tubs, spa services, cafes, and extra perks such as invitations to private events and access to award-winning eateries.

    Read the Men's Journal 'Most Beautiful Gyms' article.

    Gym Membership-share App Gaining Momentum in Colorado

    Flex Gym Share, a membership-share app that allows gyms and gym members to sell unused workout days, passes, or class space, is taking off in Colorado. Gym members get 20% cash back while gyms get a 60%-70% return on each sale. “Having a service like Flex that allows people to jump around to different gyms/classes around town without having to break the bank is awesome,” said Thomas Baker of CrossFit Sanitas. Prices vary from $8 to $14 a day, depending on the type of pass purchased. Flex Gym Share is based in Boulder, CO, and has plans to expand to Denver in September.

    Read more about the app in 303 Magazine.

    The Claremont Club Helps Paralyzed Patients Take Steps Toward Recovery

    The Claremont Club is giving patients with paralysis the ability to move again through The Perfect Step program, which uses the G-EO system from Reha Technology. The center in Southern California helps people with spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and many other neurological ailments and illnesses. “Exercise is medicine,” said Hal Hargrave, a trainer at the center who was paralyzed in a car accident. The $100,000 machine was donated to the center, which has grown to serve over 100 clients in a 700-square-foot space.

    Trampoline Fitness Trend May Be Headed to the U.S.

    Moving away from a kid-only facility, a trampoline park in Reno, NV, has rolled out a fitness program. Instructor Heather Cannon told a local news station, “The cool thing about trampoline fitness is that you put yourself on an unstable apparatus. For the entire time, every single muscle in your body is going to be working." Already a trendy workout in Brazil, Russia, and South Korea, trampoline fitness is believed to improve core strength, balance, and coordination. Cannon touts the exercise’s versatility and flexibility for modification to match fitness needs.

    Watch the KTVN news report.

    Blink Fitness Campaign Aims to Reduce Members’ Stress

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    In response to an American Psychological Association (APA) study that reveals increasing levels of stress, Blink Fitness is encouraging members to tackle their worries in a campaign to de-stress during the month of April, which is National Stress Awareness Month. During the campaign, called “30-Days of De-Stressing,” tips and tricks from yogi Shanna Tyler, foodie David Tamarkin, and Dr. Natasha Williams will be featured on Blink Fitness’ Facebook page. Blink Fitness highlights what makes people truly healthy by emphasizing the mental and emotional benefits of fitness.

    Read the APA's "Stress in America" report (PDF).

    No Slowing Down: Gold’s Gym Opens New Locations

    Gold’s Gym is opening new locations in India, Saudi Arabia, and Japan and expanded in California, Texas, New York, and Maryland in the first quarter of 2018, according to a release. Last year, the IHRSA member added 49 new locations, setting a new record for the brand. “We are experiencing powerful growth this year, and our new locations we’ve opened in Q1 set the stage for what’s ahead,” said Ken Phipps, director of global franchising development. Gold’s Gym began in 1965 in Venice, CA. Since then, the fitness giant has over 700 locations across 28 countries and continues to grow its global presence.

    Read the Gold's Gym press release.

    Team IHRSA Talks GDPR, UFIT at FIBO in Germany

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    Earlier this month, IHRSA exhibited at FIBO in Cologne, Germany. The IHRSA Europe and International teams had the opportunity to speak with members and prospective members on a variety of issues impacting European clubs, including GDPR, the data protection regulations that will take effect on the 25th May. Staff also spoke to attendees about IHRSA’s UFIT inclusive fitness program and the 2018 IHRSA European Congress, which will be held in Lisbon in October.

    Learn more about GDPR and how it will affect health clubs.

    Study: No Correlation Between Fitness Trackers and Weight Loss

    According to a study released in September by JAMA, people who didn’t use a fitness tracker lost more weight than those who did use one. After six months of dieting and exercise, the study’s participants did not show a significant weight difference between the two groups. But after 24 months, those who didn’t use a tracker lost approximately 8 more pounds. As the industry booms, fitness expert Brock Armstrong urged makers to think about how to use the trackers to push people who want to lose weight toward better, more health-conscience habits.

    Read the Scientific American article about fitness trackers.

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