Fitness Industry Roundup: Research & Technology

This week, we cover two studies that show exercise’s immense health benefits and a couple of stories on emerging innovative fitness technology.

I’ll always tout the immense health benefits of exercise, especially when new research is published to back it up. Take a moment to look over the results of two recent studies that show the importance of physically active lifestyles and don’t forget to check out the stories highlighting cutting-edge fitness technology.

75 Minutes of Weekly Exercise Slashes Depression Risk by 20%

A study conducted by Cambridge University found that those who completed half the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended amount of physical activity—just 75 minutes weekly—were 20% less likely to have depression. Those who achieved the full 150 minutes of weekly exercise cut their depression risk by 25%. The study authors noted, “Substantial mental health benefits can be achieved at physical activity levels even below the public health recommendations” and suggested that it’s possible one in nine depression cases could be prevented if the global population met exercise recommendations. The Daily Mail reported that one limitation to the study is the fact that it was strictly observational.

Find out more about the study.

Physical Activity Significantly Boosts Immunity in Breast Cancer Survivors

Although chemotherapy may reduce natural immunity, new study findings signal that moderate physical activity produces a greater immune response, according to EurekAlert!. During the study, researchers dosed a portion of the participants with a typhoid vaccine to monitor the natural immune response and found that participants with slightly above average fitness levels increased white blood cell counts by 33%. “The findings send a clear message of just how important physical activity and minimizing belly fat is for robust immune function among breast cancer survivors, and particularly for those who received chemotherapy,” said lead author Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, director of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research.

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iFIT is First-ever Connected Fitness Platform Nominated for Sports Emmy

iFIT’s “Everest: A Trek to Base Camp'' treadmill workout was nominated for a 2022 Sports Emmy Award, the first time a connected fitness platform’s program has been nominated. iFIT is the parent brand of Freemotion, an IHRSA member. As reported in Club Industry, the category, Outstanding Interactive Experience - Original Programming, awards ‘original interactive sports content, multimedia storytelling, as well as significant and innovative social integration.’ Although iFIT didn’t take home the award, it’s a huge achievement for the brand and health and fitness industry. “We’re deeply honored by this nomination because it represents a significant commendation of iFIT’s unique approach to connected fitness,” said Mark Watterson, iFIT’s co-president and chief experience officer.

View the full list of winners.

FITURE Fitness Mirror Provides Real-time Feedback Through Motion Tracking

A new immersive AI fitness experience is controlled by gesture, voice, and an accompanying app. The FITURE Fitness Mirror features Motion Engine technology that tracks:

  • Pace,

  • Time,

  • Sets and reps,

  • Form,

  • Goals, and more.

Connect the Watts notes that the movement library has been calibrated with more than 130,000,000 movements to provide the most accurate feedback in the industry. “[FITURE is] smart and interactive and can be a part of any fitness routine and lifestyle,” said Maggie Lu, CEO of FITURE. “We truly believe FITURE will empower millions of families to stay fit both physically and mentally.”

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