Fitness Industry Roundup: Exercise News to Warm the Core

A new multi-purpose fitness facility uses a unique technology that warms the core to stand out from the crowd.

To be frank, this week’s roundup doesn’t revolve around one specific theme, and, for the most part, the stories don’t correlate with one another. In my defense, does good fitness industry news need to match up to be highlighted in an article? I’d say not.

Enjoy the wonderful blend of positive stories that I’ve put together for you.

BBC One Documentary to Shine Light on Exercise & Mental Health

British fitness coach, Joe Wicks, aims to connect with viewers through his own life experiences and spread the message that there is a major link between mental health and exercise in an upcoming BBC One documentary. "I've spent a lot of time helping people improve their physical health," said Wicks. "But as a child that grew up in a home with parents that struggled with their mental health, I know that this is just as important, especially given what's happened over the last year.”

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Source: BBC News

Last year, The Queen recognized Wicks as an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his efforts during the pandemic. During lockdowns, Wicks offered free virtual HIIT classes that had gained nearly 70 million views worldwide by June 2020. BBC News reports that the documentary, Joe Wicks: Mental Health, My Family And Me, will follow Wicks as he meets with family and friends to discuss how his childhood experiences motivated him to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about the documentary.

Studio Owners Rebrand & Expand to Provide Consumers a Fitness Community

Five years ago, Kim and David Hackett founded Body by Barre Fitness in Venice, FL. The couple considered expansion before the pandemic but didn’t act upon it until the business thrived after lockdowns ended and restrictions loosened. The new 2,000-square-foot space, B Fitness and Smoothies, opened on May 1 and offers consumers barre, yoga, TRX, and personal training options, plus a smoothie bar and retail sales area, according to Herald-Tribune. "The bigger gyms have plenty to offer, especially for the knowledgeable and self-motivated, but small, specialized classes like we provide have a sense of community, more instructor focus and complete, planned workouts that take the guesswork out of it for clients," said David Hackett.

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Source: Matt Houston / Herald-Tribune

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Sports Psychologist Prescribes Exercise for All Treatment Interventions

Physical activity's impact on mental health is common knowledge in the fitness industry—yet this fact is still making its rounds to the rest of the world. Matt Scheepers, a counseling and sports psychologist in Northcliff, South Africa, promotes mental health and the other benefits of physical activity. "Whether I am treating someone for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, work stress, grief, loss, trauma, or lack of motivation, I make a point of building in exercise that's relevant to their physical status and lifestyle," Scheepers told the Sunday Times. "In certain instances exercise is a better treatment for mild to moderate depression than antidepressant medication."

Find out what else Scheepers has to say.

Multi-purpose Infrared Fitness Studio Aims to Warm the Core & Assist in Recovery

The Foothills Focus reports that a new fitness studio, which opened in January, is attracting business from many in the local community because of its unique use of technology. “All of our classes and all of our workouts are under infrared, which helps with recovery and anti-aging,” said Brittany Wise, owner of Red Effect Infrared Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. “We have barre studio-type classes and we also have yoga classes — five different types of yoga. Then we also have the personal infrared saunas.” Wise also notes that sanitation is a high priority that comes naturally because the studio opened amid the pandemic.

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Source: The Foothills Focus

Learn more about Red Effect Infrared Fitness.

World Gym International Caps Off Inaugural Gorilla Games

In recognition of World Gym International’s 45th anniversary, the company is holding a week-long fitness event, “Gorilla Week Goes Global,” beginning Saturday, July 31. In a press release, World Gym, an IHRSA member, announced they’re amping up all exercise classes to Beast Mode, and participating gyms will provide prizes for winners throughout Gorilla Week. “World Gym has always fostered a special sense of camaraderie and togetherness in the gym,” said Lewis Stanton, World Gym International CEO. “This special event is a way for our members in over 220 gyms on six continents to share in that camaraderie on a truly global scale.” Participating gyms and members can post images and videos to social media with #GorillaWeekGoesGlobal. World Gym is offering a special promotion for $45 off an annual membership with promo code WorldGym45.

Read more about “Gorilla Week Goes Global.”

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