Fitness Industry Roundup: Consumers Invest in Health & Wellness

After the COVID-19 pandemic, overall health and well-being are becoming more important to consumers.

As the fight for fitness industry relief continues, positive health trends are picking up pace. Since the pandemic, 3 in 4 Americans say that overall wellness is more important than ever. And access to exercise is becoming easier to attain, even for those with disabilities. Plus, new technology is emerging to provide mental health services.

New Tech Provides Student-athletes a Safe Space to Discuss Mental Health

It’s true that “mental health doesn’t have an offseason.” Ivan Tchatchouwo, founder and CEO of The Zone, a mental health and wellness coaching app, aims to cut the stigma and provide student-athletes—eventually entire college campuses—with a safe and brave space to talk about mental health and seek out resources. SportTechie reports that in just 3-5 minutes, The Zone users can log their mood and feelings, receive AI-powered feedback, and, if necessary, match with a counselor or therapist and schedule an appointment through the app. "What I figured out: kids don't know how they feel,” Tchatchouwo said. “The very reason they may not be going to [a counselor or therapist] is because they don't know how to start the conversation. Now, we just created a clear pathway within three clicks to start that conversation.”

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Learn more about The Zone.

Research Notes a Strengthened Interest in Public Health & Well-being

Over 75% of U.S. consumers feel wellness is more important than ever, and 25% are now working out for longer periods, according to recent research results by Mindbody, an IHRSA Industry Partner. Forbes notes that the research also highlights the importance of offering consumers virtual exercise options—35% of consumers use on-demand fitness content, compared to 20% before COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, Mindbody launched virtual options that “caught fire,” said Regina Wallace Jones, senior vice president of product & engineering at Mindbody. “The flexibility that it's offered has given people new ideas about how wellness can continue to be an incredibly accessible part of their lives in all kinds of schedule mayhem.”

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Non-profit Adaptive Sports Program Promotes Fitness, Health, & Fun

Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (B.O.R.P.) in Berkeley, CA, is committed to assisting people with physical disabilities and visual impairment find sports and activities that best suit their abilities and interests. "Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with physical disabilities by providing sports and recreational programs," Rick Smith, executive director of B.O.R.P., told ABC11. "Every single person should have the opportunity to play sports, to recreate, ride cycles. It is just an important part of life." B.O.R.P. participants have access to adventures and outings programs, wheelchair basketball, goalball, power soccer, sled hockey, adaptive cycling, kayaking, and more. To support B.O.R.P. and its mission, join the fun and help raise funds for its biggest fundraiser, The Revolution Ride, Roll & Stroll, on September 18.

Read on about The Revolution Ride, Roll & Stroll fundraiser.

World Wellness Weekend Returns

More than 130 nations are set to celebrate the 5th Annual World Wellness Weekend. On September 18 and 19, thousands of safe, free, fun, and meaningful wellness activities will be available for participants. "Exercise is medicine and is essential for a healthy mind and body,” said Vicki Brick, CEO of Brick Bodies, an IHRSA member. “Brick Bodies is thrilled to participate in World Wellness Weekend, which allows us to provide our community with another resource to help them exercise their mental health and focus on self-care." From France to Bali and everywhere in between, participants are encouraged to explore the 5 Pillars of Wellness:

  1. Sleep & Creativity

  2. Nutrition & Immunity

  3. Movement & Vitality

  4. Mindfulness & Serenity

  5. Sense of Purpose & Solidarity

Find out more about World Wellness Weekend. (Plus, check out these three simple steps to participate in World Wellness Weekend.)

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