Fitness Industry Roundup: A Greater Sense of Purpose

Physically active lifestyles look different for everyone, but the gains and satisfaction of it are more universal.

We all know what it feels like to finish a challenging workout, ya? You’re exhilarated, dripping sweat, and exhausted, but most importantly, you feel really good about yourself—that’s the endorphins! This immediate chemical reaction following exercise can be enough to keep some hooked on remaining active. For others, exercise is simply a part of a business or a way to improve personal appearance or decrease the risk of illness. Whatever the reason is that you exercise—or force yourself to be active—keep it up. It’s always worth it.

I hope you enjoy the stories in this week’s Roundup; they focus on a central theme of how exercise gives purpose.

FIT Summit Hails Myzone as Technology Company of the Year

At the 2021 Fitness & Wellness Awards of Excellence, hosted by FIT Summit, a panel of 93 judges named Myzone as the Technology Company of the Year. Club Industry reports that Myzone, an IHRSA member, topped 13 other nominees based on its successful commercial expansion, future scalability, technological advancement, perception as an industry gamechanger, positive return on investment to the customer, and the extent of industry collaboration. “This was an incredibly hard award to choose from; especially when technology and digital has accelerated so quickly in the past 12 to 15 months,” said Ross Campbell, founder and CEO of FIT Summit. “[Myzone has] really flown the flag for us in terms of being ambassadors and advocates for everything that's gone through the Marketplace.”

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Gym members utilize the Myzone heart rate monitor.

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Canadian Teen Builds Fitness Business for Neuro & Physically Diverse Communities

As reported in Mississauga News, Dante Johnson, a 16-year-old Mississauga, Canada, resident with Prader-Willi Syndrome, found his passion for fitness while exercising with his cousin. After losing 45 pounds while working out for 200 consecutive days and changing his diet, Dante’s father, Keegan, noticed a change. “The real transformation was on the mental health side because his daily anxiety went down,” Keegan said. “His confidence increased because he has something he’s successful at, and he could tell people about it and show he was improving with it.”

Dante and Keegan began posting the workouts online, which led parents of children with disabilities to reach out. Upon realizing he could be a fitness trainer, Dante said, “I like helping, and getting stronger. I feel good after [I work out].” Because of the public interest and Dante’s hard work, Let’s Go Fitness, an online fitness community for those with neurodiverse or physically diverse needs, was born. Let’s Go Fitness also leads classes at group homes and recently formed a partnership with the Halton Catholic District School Board to offer live fitness classes for those with disabilities in schools. So far, the Let’s Go Fitness community spans five countries.

FIR 06 11 21 Lets Go Fitness Column Width

Mikhail Ziskos & Dante Johnson of Let's Go Fitness.

Learn more about Let’s Go Fitness.

Study Suggests Exercise Influences A Greater Sense of Purpose

Findings from a new Harvard University study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine signify that exercise and a sense of purpose may be directly related. The study looks at longitudinal data about the lives, attitudes, and activities of 18,000 middle-aged and older U.S. adults. According to Health Club Management, the research shows that physically active lifestyles provide people with structure and meaning. "People with a greater sense of purpose may be more likely to engage in physical activity,” said Ayse Yemiscigil, a postdoctoral research fellow with the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University. "At the same time, physical activity can contribute to a sense of purpose.”

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Virginia Gym Owner Selected for Bangkok Reality Show Fight Series

Jerome Wilson, owner of DCB MMA & Athletic Training in Fredericksburg, VA, is training and filming with dozens of other contestants to compete for a cash prize on a new reality show, Underdog Fight Series. After receiving an email in January detailing that he had made the cut to fight in the Bangkok, Thailand-based show, Wilson shed more than 30 pounds from intensive training. An ex-professional fighter, Wilson told The Free Lance-Star that he refers to himself as a “counter-fighter,” coaxing opponents into moves to help him respond and win. Wilson is honored to be part of the show. He said, “To be in Thailand fighting in the Muay Thai that originated there, is really special to me. Doing well in the fighting would only add to that.”

FIR 06 11 21 Wilson Column Width Listing Image

Source: Peter Cihelka, The Free Lance-Star

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CoursePro Reports Spike in UK Youth Sports Participation

Over two weeks in April, a sports course management software provider, CoursePro, recorded that more than 229,000 UK children returned to sports—on par with 2019 participation levels. Upon England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland’s reopening, as noted on CoursePro’s website, children swiftly returned to swimming pools, gymnastics floors, and playing fields. Tom Doodson, CoursePro regional account manager, said, “This immediate bounce-back is testament to the hard work that operators have put in both pre and post-lockdown to create covid-secure environments so that parents and their children can feel safe when returning to sporting activities.” IHRSA member, Fitronics, owns CoursePro.

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