Fitness Industry Roundup: 2023 Fitness & Wellness Trends

This year’s health, fitness, and wellness trends are key to growing your facility’s membership. Here’s critical data to keep in mind.

We’re two months into 2023—I know, I can’t believe it either—and it’s clear that there’s a newfound appreciation for health and wellness. Consumers prioritizing health and wellness is one of the very few good things to come out of the pandemic. This month, we’re sharing an abundance of trends to expect for this year so that you can prepare your health club’s messaging and marketing to appeal to what consumers are looking for.

Additionally, we recognize an IHRSA member for a “monumental achievement” in medical fitness and fully expect to see more of this type of news over the next few years. Lastly, we highlight a neat new wristband that may influence the future of wearable fitness trackers and more.

Shaping Overall Health: 2023 Global Wellness Trends

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) recently released its annual global trends report,The Future of Wellness 2023 Trends. From overcoming the loneliness epidemic to travel offerings, workplace wellness to battling obesity and more, this year's trends are focused on collective wellness—prioritizing community health over individuals—as reported by Well Defined. Susie Ellis, Global Wellness Institute chair and CEO, said, “This year’s report is proof that the wellness market of just three years ago suddenly feels archaic. Wellness in 2023, and beyond, will be more serious and science-backed, but also more social and sensory.”

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Additionally, catch Susie at IHRSA 2023 as she presents during the Wellness Fireside Chat on Wednesday, March 22, from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Attend in person or catch the session virtually! This session will be streamed and is available to watch on-demand for 30 days post-event.

Mindbody Releases 2023 Wellness Index

Mindbody’s annual Wellness Index reports wellness trends, the current state of fitness, top beauty and wellness findings, and the healthiest cities in the U.S. IHRSA member Mindbody surveyed 17,000 Americans to find out what trends we can expect to see this year—almost half of consumers noted that community is a very important part of wellness experiences. Fitness facilities should take advantage of the community atmosphere they provide. Furthermore, 75% of consumers believe wellness is more important than ever, specifically because they want to live a long and healthy life. As for the healthiest city in the nation, after three years at the top, Miami has passed the crown to a popular Northern California city.

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Find out the healthiest city and more wellness trends.

The Atlantic Club Reaches Medical Fitness Certification Status

The Medical Fitness Association awarded The Atlantic Club, an IHRSA member, its prestigious Medical Fitness Facility Certification for both the Manasquan and Red Bank locations. The certification represents a tremendous commitment to offer the highest standards of professional expertise, quality programing, safety, and operational excellence available in the fitness industry, according to the company press release that appeared in Club Industry. Jeff Jeran, chairman of the Board, the Medical Fitness Association, called it a “monumental achievement” which “demonstrates the possibilities and opportunities commercial and medical fitness facilities can attain…to develop a best-in-class fitness experience for all members in our communities.”

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Best of ClassPass 2022 Announced

ClassPass, an app that provides users access to thousands of gyms, health clubs, studios, salons, and spas, released its 2022 Best of ClassPass award winners. The categories include Innovator Award, Best Fitness Studio Award, Best Instructor Award, and Best Wellness Business Award. Congratulations to the following IHRSA members who were recognized as ClassPass top performers in their state:

  • Healthworks Fitness - Back Bay, Boston (Best Fitness Studio)

  • MINT - Washington, D.C. (Best Wellness Business)

  • Solidcore - South End, Boston (Best Fitness Studio)

  • Solidcore - Center City, Philadelphia (Best Fitness Studio)

  • Solidcore - Shaw, Washington, D.C. (Best Fitness Studio)

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Check out the full list of winners.

Fitness Tracker Powered by Movement & Body Heat Releases in April

In April, BHeart, a new health-tracking wrist wearable with an “endless” battery, will go on sale along with an accompanying app, reports Fit Tech. Unveiled by Baracoda, BHeart uses patent-pending BMotion energy harvesting technology—motion, body heat, and environmental light—to power the wristband. Thomas Serval, CEO of Baracoda, noted that the watch is designed for those who don’t already have a fitness tracker or may not have accessibility to one. He said, "People of all ages and fitness levels need easier ways to track their health, so we must design products that fit into everyone's lifestyles, including people who don't find today's technology accessible or easy to maintain.”

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