Crunch Supports Puerto Rico with Group Exercise Fundraiser

    “Puerto Rico loves Crunch and we love Puerto Rico,” says Crunch Franchise CEO Ben Midgley.

    When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico this September it devastated homes, businesses, and whole communities. The fallout is still being felt throughout the island, including at health clubs like Crunch.

    “We have amazing franchisees in Puerto Rico who had their clubs back open to serve the communities within in 11 days and they wanted to do as much as they could to support the people of Puerto Rico, and we wanted to support them in that effort,” says Ben Midgley, CEO of Crunch Franchise. “Puerto Rico loves Crunch and we love Puerto Rico.”

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    Fundraising with Group X

    Crunch leadership worked with team members to determine the best way to help give back.

    “Our team members at Crunch are really passionate about helping others. Many of them reached out to us at HQ with heartfelt fundraising ideas,” says Amber Hazor, senior director of culture and engagement at Crunch. “We landed on group fitness classes because group classes are huge part of who we are, what we do, and an effective way to support the people of Puerto Rico.”

    Hammering Out Logistics

    To make those group X classes a reality, Hazor and her team assembled a group to work out the logistics. They rallied with group fitness managers and teachers and chose classes from the schedule to promote as fundraising classes.

    Fundraising began on October 10 and the classes were held on October 14. In the end, all of Crunch’s hard work paid off.

    “Our members and team members are all about helping others. The overwhelming response was filled with gratitude and enthusiasm to make a difference,” Hazor says. “A class is a great way for us to give back, as it brings people together. There's such a strong sense of community in our classes, especially when it's for a great cause.”

    Lessons Learned

    For other clubs thinking of holding a similar fundraiser, Midgley advises that you have a vehicle to roll out these programs so you can mobilize quickly.

    “Generate as broad support as you can for your effort to maximize impact,” he says. “Partner with a reputable financial partner that will get the maximum amount of each dollar directly to those who need it most.”

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