10 Recent Legislative Alerts Gym Operators Should Know About

    We're currently tracking over 100 bills across the country. Here's the latest legislative happenings in several states.

    Congress has been busy since our last update. We know it can be hard to keep track of what your representatives are working on while running your business. That’s where we can help. In the last month, we’ve sent out 25 alerts and are currently tracking 172 bills across the 50 states.

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    What’s Happening in Your State

    The short answer is "a lot." Important issues are discussed and voted on in your state every day. If you don’t see an alert about your state listed below, it only means that proposals are still taking shape and you should be prepared in case certain ideas come to fruition. Be sure to visit your state’s advocacy page (member login required) for the latest legislative updates on issues that could affect your business and your members.

    Below are just 10 of the most recent state alerts we sent to our members.

    What’s Happening Countrywide

    Great news! All of our messages, phones calls, and meetings have created our best opportunity yet to pass PHIT!

    Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) has introduced a Health Savings Accounts (HSA) reform bill (H.R. 5138) that includes the PHIT Act, and he’s committed to getting it into the next spending bill!

    Congress must pass an omnibus spending bill by March 23, and PHIT will pass if the omnibus spending bill includes the HSA bill.

    This is exciting, but our work is not done. Even if you’ve already called your congressmen, scheduled a meeting, or sent one of our previous pre-written emails, we need your help. We have never been this close before.

    Send this personalized letter to your member of Congress and ask them to include the HSA bill in any omnibus spending bill. Send the letter as in, or personalize it as you like.

    While this is not our only shot, it’s the best one we’ve had so we need you to tell your member of Congress to include H.R. 5138 in the spending bill.

    Have a question or concern about your state’s policies? Shoot us an email! You can also learn more by checking your state advocacy page on our website.

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    Jeff Perkins

    Jeff Perkins previously served as IHRSA's Vice President of Governance & Public Affairs—a position that focused on monitoring and influencing legislation at the state and federal level to protect club business models and operations, and help promote the health benefits of exercise.