Boost Member Engagement at Your Gym with Group X

Provide more novelty, diversity, and fun to your members by considering new group X programming from leading equipment suppliers.

From yoga to boxing and from Zumba to boot camp—today’s group X classes are an eclectic mix that inspire members to move en masse. For that, you can credit out-of-the-box programming ideas like these …

Les Mills: THE TRIP Virtual Workout

THE TRIP, Les Mills’ most virtual workout, pairs group cycling with cinema-quality visuals to provide a compelling, immersive trip through virtual worlds. Combining music, gaming, and entertainment, it’s already being offered at 70 sites in 29 countries. “We wanted to create something that represented drastic innovation—something that could make someone like Elon Musk sit up and take notice,” says Phillip Mills, the managing director of Les Mills International.

Matrix Fitness: MX4 Active Aging Program

To address the growing 55-plus market, Matrix Fitness has recently unveiled its MX4 Active Aging program. “Combining our versatile, easy-to-use, group-training strength and cardio products with scientifically backed programming gives clubs an opportunity to keep this demo- graphic independent,” says Becky Jalbert, the company’s global product manager for group training.

Escape Fitness: MOVE IT Workouts

Escape Fitness has upgraded its MOVE IT workouts by incorporating the Myzone heart-rate tracking system, allowing exercisers and instructors to view real-time, color-coded workout stats on a smartphone or a display screen in the studio.

Technogym: SKILLATHLETIC Training Protocol

Responding to the demand for HIIT, Technogym’s new SKILLATHLETIC training protocol utilizes its SKILLMILL, SKILLROW, and SKILLBIKE equipment, as well as its SKILLTOOLS accessories, to develop power, agility, stamina, and speed. Trainers use a kiosk and the program app to choose from among five preset formats, or to design classes, via a library of exercises, stipulating repetitions, rest times, and music selection.

JumpSport: Rhythmic Routines

JumpSport tapped its personal fitness trampolines to add cardio to barre training, and has introduced new rhythmic-based routines that incorporate a Latin flair. “Bouncing is fun, and studios are doing dance-based group X, circuits, strength, HIIT, and more with trampolines,” says Steve Carver, a certified master trainer and the director of fitness for JumpSport.

Merrithew: Instructor Workouts

Merrithew has created unique workshops for instructors, which teach theory and exercise programming for individuals with osteoporosis and scoliosis. “Offering specialized programs serves more members, contributes to retention, and creates an additional revenue channel,” says Stefania Michas, the firm’s senior program director of education.

These group X classes are a sure bet to get your members coming back for more.

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