7 Ways Your Health Club Can Help Members Meet Their Goals

Help your members accomplish their goals with these seven easy tips from club owners like you.

“This is it. This is the year I get healthy. I’m going to work out more and eat more vegetables!”

As a club owner, you’ve probably heard your members say these things at the beginning of each new year. I’d also wager that for every member who sticks to their resolutions and goals, there are a couple who lose their way.

What if I told you there are seven ways your club could help more members meet their goals? There are! We spoke to a variety of clubs and gathered the best tips to share with you.

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7 Ways Your Health Club Can Help Members Meet Their Goals

1. Offer a welcoming, inviting space for all members

New gym-goers can be intimidated by the club, or have low self-efficacy, making them easily discouraged. Look at your club—and its amenities—and determine whether your offerings meet the needs of people with obesity, a disability, or an injury. Consider posting images with people of all shapes and sizes, and make sure there is ample space between machines for people to pass through.

2. Provide a wide variety of options for gym-goers

Offering a variety of classes from yoga to HIIT, and a variety of equipment choices from treadmills to resistance machines, can help new members find what works for them, or help existing members become re-engaged with something new. Check out some predictions for 2019 fitness trends in the 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report.

3. Make member feedback a priority

It’s hard to help members reach their goals if you don't know what they hope to achieve. Survey members regularly to gauge their goals and interests, and ask them what your club could do to help them succeed.

4. Focus on lifestyle outside the four walls

Many factors outside the gym influence your members’ success, such as diet, exercise, and sleep habits. Educate your members about healthy lifestyle options—through flyers, emails, or blogs—and offer support services such as nutrition counseling or group activities to help them improve their health.

5. Offer specific programs or classes to help members reach their goals

Use the survey results to tailor programs that will address common goals. For example, consider offering a 6-8 week weight loss program in January. If members want to improve their diet, offer a month-long diet challenge.

6. Share members’ successes

Sharing member success stories can help others stay motivated. You can share stories on your social media, your blog, or on posters around the club.

7. Follow up with members

Many people commit to a fitness routine in January but lose interest by March. Stay in touch with new and existing members to help them stay motivated and interested in coming back to your club year-round.

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Alexandra Black Larcom, MPH, RD, LDN, previously served as IHRSA's Senior Manager of Health Promotion & Health Policy—a position dedicated to creating resources and projects to help IHRSA members offer effective health programs, and promoting policies that advance the industry.