​5 Ways You Can Celebrate National Nutrition Month in Your Gym

Start a conversation with your members about nutrition with these easy-to-implement suggestions.

I'm sure you've seen that member. You know the one. They are in your club three times a week, sometimes more, working hard to get in shape and be the best they can be. Yet, they seem to be making very little progress.

You think it might have something to do with their kitchen habits. You want to help, but you don't want that member to feel singled out or get discouraged. So, what can you do?

Well, since March is National Nutrition Month, it's an excellent opportunity to talk about nutrition on a larger scale at your club and open up conversations with members who may need some guidance. To help you help your members, we've put together five tips on how your club can celebrate National Nutrition Month!

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5 Ways You Can Celebrate National Nutrition Month In Your Gym

1. Host an educational event (or series) at the club

Find a nutrition expert in your area—for example a dietitian or physician—to hold an educational session or series of classes at the club. Choose a topic of interest to your members—weight loss, athletic performance, meal planning—and open up the event to the community.

2. Invite your members to sample healthy foods

If your club has a cafe or food bar, you can invite members to try healthy meals or snacks and promote your business at the same time. Create handouts explaining why the offered sample is healthy or beneficial—e.g. “this smoothie provides the protein you need to recover from your workout”—and provide recipes to make them at home or where to purchase them if prepackaged.

3. Get an expert to provide content for your blog

This can be a win-win for the club and the expert. Ask a local nutrition expert to write a few blog posts for your club. This kind of content is an opportunity for you to provide valuable education and for the expert to introduce themselves to your members. It also opens the door to add the expert as a regular blog contributor.

4. Take a field trip to the grocery store

Understanding nutrition labels and buying the right foods can be challenging for some members. Get a staff member to host a grocery store tour—head to the local supermarket with 6-10 members and walk the aisles educating them on foods that will build a foundation for a healthy diet, reading labels to choose between options, and understanding package claims (e.g., low fat).

5. Hold a healthy potluck

Invite members to bring their favorite, go-to healthy recipes to the club for a potluck. Compile all the recipes and distribute to attendees. A potluck is a great way for members to socialize and share new ideas for cooking nutritious food with one another.

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Alexandra Black Larcom

Alexandra Black Larcom, MPH, RD, LDN, previously served as IHRSA's Senior Manager of Health Promotion & Health Policy—a position dedicated to creating resources and projects to help IHRSA members offer effective health programs, and promoting policies that advance the industry.