5 Must-Have Videos You Need to Promote Your Fitness Brand

Are you looking to revamp or add personality to your fitness brand? Ryan Snaadt, owner of Snaadt Media Group, shared a few tips on how to get started at IHRSA 2021 in Dallas.

Let’s start this article with a ‘would you rather.’

Would you rather read a 10-page story that describes a gym’s philanthropic efforts or watch a 5-minute video that takes you on a visual journey and puts you in the office of the owner who is leading the charge?

For most people, the answer to this question is easy. Seeing the story unfold before your eyes makes it easier to believe in the products and services being promoted.

In fact, a study from Social Media Week shows that the vast majority of people retain information presented via video better than information presented via text (95% for video versus 10% for only text).

Therefore, it’s no surprise that more businesses have started to rely on video as a way to amplify valuable messaging, and ultimately, reach more customers.

Ryan Snaadt, owner of Snaadt Media Group, showed video newcomers and veterans alike how to improve video content during his IHRSA 2021 session. If you’re a fitness professional looking to show more customers what you’re all about, here’s an overview of everything you need to know to start creating effective videos for your brand.

But, before we begin, I know you’re still thinking...

Do I Really Need to Shoot Video?

The answer is ‘yes.’

Many businesses avoid shooting video out of fear. Internal monologues about resistance to shooting video can sound something like:

‘If I make a video and it is poor quality, my customers will leave.’

‘I’m not interesting enough to shoot a video.’

‘I don’t have the correct equipment. High-quality video requires expensive gear.’

‘If I produce a video, it won’t make that much of a difference anyway.’

Snaadt reminds us of the power of taking action and advising against needing our creations to be perfect. He says, “If you 'screw it [the video] up' don’t think it will ruin your business. Your audience doesn’t expect perfection from a beginner.”

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He advises that we should not let our limiting thoughts and beliefs hold us back from reaping the benefits on the other side of a video breakthrough. These benefits include building personal, engaging relationships with your audience, standing out from the competition, establishing your business as a thought leader, attracting more customers, delivering value to current customers, and magnifying your online reach.

5 Must-Have Videos to Add to Your To-Do List

To get started on your journey to becoming a video VIP, Snaadt says you must first become familiar with the video importance pyramid. As with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the bottom tier of the pyramid should form the foundation upon which all other video projects are created. Here are the five types of videos health clubs should be producing in order of importance:

1. Anchor videos

An anchor video tells your audience who your business is and what you do in two minutes. It is the most important video that you can create because it introduces your company to strangers and leaves them with a valuable first impression.

Creating an anchor video is also important because pieces of it can be repurposed and used across your other communication channels.

2. Sales videos

Sales videos are your money-maker. They entice people to buy what you’re selling. They are the second most-important video to produce because they can produce the highest ROI and can have a direct impact on revenue.

3. Social proof videos

Have you ever seen a video that you connect with differently? These are known as social proof videos. They are designed to reduce the risk of buying and will often include testimonials from real customers vouching for the legitimacy of a product or service. For health clubs, in particular, these videos can include transformation stories that tug at heartstrings, inside looks at being a member of a specific club, and common rebuttals to the biggest drawbacks why people might not want to become a member at a certain location.

4. Long form videos

Often found through search-based platforms like YouTube, blogs, or podcasts, long form videos can run from eight minutes & up and act as a way to establish your brand as a thought leader in the health and fitness space.

5. Micro videos

Last, but not least, micro videos are short video clips used on social media platforms. They are often a byproduct from longer forms of video content.

However, they are the least important type of video content to focus on because they have a short shelf life and will provide the least amount of benefit to your business’ bottom line.

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What makes a good video?

Anyone can produce a video, but you must have a strategy that includes three things in order to create an enticing video. Your video must educate viewers on a certain topic or skill, inspire them to try it for themselves, and have entertainment value.

Snaadt is an advocate of the I AM ECO structure for long form videos. It has resulted in millions of conversions and it can for you too.

The I AM ECO video formula consists of an:

  • Intro - Includes a hook, outcome, and testimonial

  • Ask - Somewhere to comment or opt-in

  • Meat -The entertainment and talking points

  • Engagement - Comments, likes, shares, and dialogue

  • Call to Action - A link to a landing page or opt-in form

  • Outro - The sign-off for the video

According to Snaadt, including all of these components in your long form videos will yield nothing but continued success and happy customers.

The Future of Video in the Fitness Industry

Following his session, IHRSA was able to sit down with Snaadt to address some more questions about the future of video in the health club industry.

He feels that there are untapped opportunities to gain organic reach for videos on Instagram Reels and TikTok in particular.

He says, “As these two platforms continue to battle for attention they will promote your content to more people for free to keep users engaged. [Gyms should] also look at ways to consistently publish content without spending half the week on a single video. I use a method called 'big rock' content where we shoot four to six long form videos in one day called a 'Media Day.' I then take the longer form videos and transcribe them to create blogs, make micro edits of profound pieces for social media posts, and create more than 10 posts from a single long form video.”

He also noted that 2022 could be the year that many businesses start getting serious about using video as an effective marketing tool.

He says, “Consumers interact with more brands and businesses that they see on a regular basis. These days, the best and most effective way to do that is publishing video content where your audience hangs out. Gyms need to recognize that this 'video thing' is a serious tool to stand out from competitors and give your brand personality.”

Above all else, Snaadt wants health clubs to be open to embracing video with open arms since more video is a win for businesses and customers.

He reiterates, “It's amazing how simple and low cost it is to publish content and attract your ideal audience online. Start small and strategic and create videos that tell your story and entice prospects to learn more about your gym. Help them with weight loss, dieting, muscle gain, or technique and ask for nothing in return. The power of reciprocity is strong with those that give more than they take.”

To watch or listen to Snaadt’s recording of his session from IHRSA 2021, visit the event website.

If you missed out on the virtual or in-person IHRSA 2021 event, you can still access the virtual event and purchase your event pass.

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