AUSTIN, TX—January 26, 2022—Over the past two years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public health agencies worldwide and numerous in-depth scientific studies have emphasized the importance of hand sanitizing in the prevention and transmission of disease. In practice, hand sanitizing results in fewer illnesses and absences—a critical benefit at workplaces dealing with crippling labor shortages and for those seeking to demonstrate concern for the safety of employees, customers, guests, clients or patients as it’s become such a critical element of a business’s reputation.

Fortunately, hand sanitizing is becoming a good habit that will outlive the current pandemic and become a permanent fixture of personal hygiene.

Today, Vaask, the hand hygiene company, is introducing its permanent, touchless hand sanitizing fixture, designed to be recessed into the wall and ADA compliant. Vaask’s streamlined system offers precise, consistent delivery of sanitizer, and its permanence demonstrates a facility’s long-term commitment to cleanliness.

  • Premium finishes: Available in custom powder coating, plated metal or custom finish options.

  • Precise dispensing: Features a PalmPilot hand sensor and a precision pump control that automatically retracts sanitizer when one’s hand moves away.

  • Simple visual alerts: An array of easily programmable, multi-colored LEDs catches the eye, drawing in potential users. It also alerts maintenance personnel when sanitizer levels are low.

  • Large capacity: Hand sanitizer tank can hold up to 2 liters of alcohol-based gel. The 2-liter tank can be easily refilled on site.

  • Low maintenance: Pumping system ensures no leaks or contamination. The unit is hard-wired to AC power, requiring no batteries.

  • Built to last: Designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States, each Vaask sanitizing fixture is made of cast aluminum and guaranteed for 5 years.

About Vaask

Inspired by the Norwegian word for “wash,” Vaask—pronounced V-ahh-sk, like a breath of fresh air—embodies today’s desire for a higher class of clean. With an emphasis on sophisticated design and exacting engineering, Vaask redefines manufactured products for today’s modern interiors. Learn more at