MILAN, Italy—May 6, 2020—Uptivo’s cloud-based solutions provide practical support to fitness professionals who want a modern, proactive approach to the market. Uptivo has always offered a variety of ways to track workouts performed outside of a Club or fitness Studio, and the development of a fully featured platform for real-time remote training has been a long-standing goal.

Live and recorded fitness sessions and online meetings do not fill the gap created by social distancing: feedback about athletes’ efforts, heart-rate performance data, and emotional engagement are all missing.

That is why Uptivo is launching an online fitness experience that will make members feel like they are back at the gym.

Uptivo LIVE offers safe, engaging, and motivating live sessions with bi-directional flow of performance data between trainer and athletes.

Uptivo LIVE’s dedicated video-streaming platform supports classes with up to 50 participants, as well as one-on-one lessons for providing a customized and personalized service. Trainers can monitor each athlete’s heart rate in real-time to decide when and how to adjust the intensity and rhythm of the workout, just like they do during in-person lessons. And gaming features encourage friendly competition among athletes, increasing motivation and retention, even remotely.

With Uptivo LIVE, regardless of where members are working out—at the gym or at home—coaches have all the information they need to motivate trainees, provide feedback, and introduce new activities to reach members’ individual training targets.

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