November 2, 2018—The University of South Dakota recently breathed new life into an unused racquetball space, making it into a modern, fully equipped Escape Fitness functional training room offering numerous workout possibilities, MOVE IT classes and more.

At the outset of the project, Push Pedal Pull’s Nate Meyer and the team at University of South Dakota used a pre-build, tech-based visual representation of the space that enabled them to find the right frame and products to best serve the rec center’s needs.

As a centerpiece, the 800 sq. ft. functional training space includes an Escape Octagon HTS 6.3 custom frame with a boxing bag, rope pulley, suspension trainers, and monkey bars. It also includes vibrant turf flooring with zones marked, as a well as Tiyrs and a quad sled. To make the most out of the space, the Rack5 space saving storage and training tool houses Medballs, Sandbags, Ridge Rollers, Bulgarian Bags, Core Momentum Trainers, GRIPRs, COREBAGs, Slam Balls and Studio Kettlebells. And, for aerobic stepping and strength training, there are several Deck 2.0 platforms. To keep it all clean and uncluttered, while maximizing safety, there are also several AMMO BOX storage units.

To serve its diverse student body, including those former high school athletes that want to stay in top shape, University of South Dakota launched Escape’s high intensity interval training program MOVE IT. This dynamic boot camp style workout burns major calories as it challenges users of all fitness levels.

“Functional training is growing in popularity on college campuses nationwide. Those students who really want to unleash their inner athlete appreciate Escape’s variety of well-designed functional tools to help them do that,” said Matthew Januszek, co-founder, Escape Fitness. “And, MOVE IT is perfect for college students. It’s high impact, challenging and fun, plus it builds a sense of community.”

“The Escape Fitness team came in and trained our staff so we are getting the most out of every piece of equipment as well as our new MOVE IT programming—all to enhance the experience for our students,” said Steve Mayer, director of the Wellness Center, University of South Dakota. “And, so far, it’s a hit! We’ve just launched our Escape Functional training room and students really like it.”

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