Pune, India—May 30, 2018—As of May 29, 2018, United Health & Fitness Forum (UHFF) has 30 fitness clubs as its constituent members with a cumulative total membership base of over 35,000. UHFF members include Talwalkars, ABS, Gold’s Gym, Solaris, First Fit, Urbounce, Smiths, Status, Folk Fitness, Moushu’s Pilates, Rucha’s Pilates, Status Health, ISST, Martio-Fit Academy, and many more. By the end of 2018, we hope to have over 50 constituent and a membership base of over 50,000.

Annual fees from FY 2018-19 shall stand revised at Rs. 5,000 for the first location. For all subsequent locations of the same owner, the annual fees will be Rs. 2,500 per additional location.

Monthly marketing charges from the month of May 2018 shall stand revised at Rs. 2,500 per location. For all subsequent locations of the same owner, the monthly marketing charges will be Rs. 1,250 per additional location.

UHFF and its members routinely organise fitness workshops, trainings, meetings, fitness and health promotion events like walkathons, treks, cycling rallies, boot camps, Zumba sessions, group exercise events. On the community service side, UHFF and its members have organised charity donation events, blood donation camps and the like.

All UHFF activities are currently self-funded and the directors do not take any salary, dividends, or enjoy any commercial or personal benefits. The UHFF does not engage in any commercial sales or promotion and is dedicated to foster a spirit of healthy and fit living within our communities and motivate and encourage citizens to get out and get active.

Our most recent and ongoing campaign is to “Make Pune the Fittest City in India.” Our goal is to have 50,000 people of pune take the “fitness pledge” and commit to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. there is no charge to be a part of this campaign. uhff member gyms will support all registered participants and pledgers with free: advice/guidelines on exercising; nutrition-related information; counselling; and BMI and in-body analysis at all of our participating locations. Top performing corporations, colleges, housing communities will be monitored and recognised/awarded at the end of the term.

By taking the pledge to fitness, registered participants will be asked to: Play a sport, run, swim, trek, hike, jog, cycle, hit the gym. … Do any exercise—at least 3 days a week for an hour a day!!!

We hope this becomes the start of a “Fitness Revolution” that will soon move across the country and at UHFF we will be pleased to have helped kick-start it.