TRX, the global leaders in functional training equipment, have partnered with Bloomingdale’s on the debut of its Carousel, an immersive, rotating pop-up shop with an “Urban Explorer” theme that takes consumers on a tour of the urban wilderness, bringing a chic outdoor aesthetic into the concrete jungle with an assortment of tactical gear (TRX and its Functional Training Tools) and functional fashion.

Bloomingdales conducted research on the most applicable fitness brands to work with and TRX, especially with the Urban Explorer theme and TRX’s portability to literally workout anywhere, was the ideal candidate, which is exciting because this is TRX’s first ever consumer activation. While housed in the largest Bloomingdale’s stores in the country (59th St., SoHo, Century City in L.A., and San Francisco) for more than 8 weeks, TRX will conduct roughly 200 FREE classes to consumers of all size, shape, age and fitness ability. This means that more than 2,000 (!!!) consumers will receive FREE training from TRX.

Additionally, another first in the company’s history, TRX launched its interactive and technologically advanced MAPS system in all four Bloomingdale’s locations, which is the first time they’ve been installed in a non-commercial environment (Health Club, Gym, etc.). TRX MAPS will provide consumers an interactive, complete body movement assessment in less than 30 seconds, including mobility, activation, posture and symmetry. It literally only takes the consumer doing three squats with their hands raised above their head and results are delivered on-screen and vial email with targeted exercises that can be performed to helps strengthen their weaknesses allowing for better performance and movement in sport and life.

So, for the first time in the company’s HISTORY, which spans more than a decade, TRX will offer, under one roof, a free body movement assessment scan utilizing TRX MAPS, the chance to take free TRX training classes and then the opportunity for consumers to purchase any and all of the TRX equipment needed to set-up a home gym and achieve their fitness goals. It is the quintessential 360-degree, integrated fitness creation.