CHESTER, NJ—June 11, 2020—The Abs Company is focusing on providing solutions to help facilities bring members back safely, attract new members and assist clubs and personal trainers as they navigate through this challenging time. The Abs Company implemented new programs to serve in the midst of the situation and to prepare as we emerge from it.

The Abs Company is hiring displaced trainers to participate in their new Virtual Trainer Program. “With the temporary closing of many facilities around the world we know that fitness professionals are displaced and losing income. We also know that their passion for teaching fitness has not waned and they are looking for ways to keep spreading their message.” Said Sean Gagnon, CEO of The Abs Company.

Understanding that Fitness Facilities will play a vital role in the rebounding of the world, The Abs Company has aligned their new TRAINING ZONES with the recommended reopening guidelines. The Abs Company Training Zones allow for proper Social Distancing in less than 225 square feet and provide an easy to implement training system that will allow members and trainers to maximize their fitness efforts. They also fit in any unused area like basketball or racquetball courts which allows clubs to maximize all of their space in a safe manner.

Additionally, knowing that capacity might be limited, the Training Zones allow for members to get in and out of the gym quickly with short, effective training routines. They are safe and centralized so clients are not searching for select machines throughout the gym.

The Zones also facilitate Equipment Cleanliness. Since there are few adjustments, there are less touchpoints to wipe down. The Training Zones also keep members off the floor which gives them further comfort that they are exercising in a clean environment.

Gagnon concluded: “At The Abs Company We Believe that Fitness Changes Lives. If there is one thing the COVD-19 challenge is showing us all, it’s how valuable our health really is. The opportunities for the fitness community to lead the charge will be limitless. This is why we are so proud that our New programs and Training Zones provide the perfect solutions for the post Covid-19 world”

About The Abs Company

The Abs Company has been specializing in core and functional training equipment for over 10 years and their products can be found in over 15,000 facilities in 40 countries worldwide. For more information about any of these programs, call Mike Ritter at 866-219-5335 or visit the company's website.