OCTOBER 22, 2019, San Diego, CA—Inspire360 is proud to announce that Terra-Core Fitness education is officially available through the Inspire360 platform.

Inspire360 empowers fitness and wellness companies to deliver beautifully branded online courses, certifications, workshops, and subscriptions. Terra-Core Fitness has joined other world-class education companies including EXOS, BOSU, Onnit, and TriggerPoint that also use Inspire360 to deliver industry-leading education to their customers and health clubs.

Now offered on the Inspire360 platform, the Total Body Core Training by Terra-Core Fitness course teaches professionals how to design and coach exercise programs to strengthen the muscles responsible for controlling movement. Students will learn how to identify muscles that create spinal stiffness, design exercise programs that enhance the performance of core muscles, explain the stability and mobility relationships in the body, and much more.

The Terra-Core Balance Trainer is scientifically proven to engage four times more muscle groups than the same exercise on a flat, hard surface. The equipment turns workouts into a three-dimensional, functional sweat session and is designed to work by itself or with other fitness accessories like resistance bands, medicine balls, or dumbbells. The bottom side of the Terra-Core Balance Trainer offers pushup handles and other exercises to help build balance and agility.

Mark Equinozzi, CMO of Terra-Core Fitness, says "The Inspire360 platform will allow us to bring the benefits of training with the Terra-Core to a new level."

Jason Davis, CEO of Inspire360, says “I’m so excited to have Terra-Core Fitness on the Inspire360 platform. The Terra-Core Balance Trainer is incredibly innovative and I’m excited for more fitness professionals to have access to Terra-Core’s teachings. I know trainers will gain valuable knowledge from Terra-Core’s courses and I’m looking forward to collaborating with them.”

About Inspire360

Inspire360 is passionate about helping fitness and wellness brands effortlessly deliver education to their audience. Originally developed under IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the company has used its 35 years of experience in the space to design a Certification Management System, Learning Management System, and Live Workshop Management System that specifically caters to the fitness and wellness industry. The Inspire360 platform is used by some of the most respected names in fitness like TRX, BOSU, EXOS, Gray Institute, and many more. For more information, visit www.inspire360.com.