BOSTON, MA—March 11, 2022—Despite broad bipartisan and bicameral support, Congress has once again left our industry, which has been disproportionately affected by government mandates, without federal relief. The small business owners and millions of employees we represent have faced devastating losses since the beginning of the pandemic and allowing them to continue to drown is a dereliction of duty by our elected officials. As a result, they've continued to put the health of Americans on the back burner, and perpetuated the devastating economic impacts of this pandemic on local studio or gym owners.

Nevertheless, our industry has a lot to be proud of. We stood together in an unprecedented way, and despite Congressional inaction suggesting otherwise, we know the essential role we play in communities all across the country. And we'll continue to prove them wrong in the weeks, months, and years to come.

IHRSA’s voice and profile are growing in Washington, D.C., thanks to the tremendous amount of work that has been done over the last two years. It is through this work that we secured over 150 House sponsors and 30 Senate sponsors for the GYMS Act, garnered national attention, and were at the same table as organizations that spend millions of dollars on advocacy every year.

I came to IHRSA to build the advocacy powerhouse the health and fitness industry deserves, and we now have a strong foundation to build upon. I’m impressed and humbled by the dedication and community spirit I’ve witnessed from IHRSA members and fitness professionals since starting my tenure as CEO & President.

We are the solution to combating chronic diseases, reducing the growing mental health crisis, reducing America’s healthcare costs, and building a healthy population to withstand whatever the world throws at us next. We are essential. And we will be a powerful voice in Washington, D.C.



IHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Association, is a not-for-profit trade association representing the global fitness industry of over 200,000 health and fitness facilities and their suppliers. Founded in 1981, IHRSA maintains a leadership role in advancing physical activity, which is critical for peak health and to fight the battle against obesity and chronic lifestyle diseases.

As the world's leading authority on the commercial health and fitness club industry, IHRSA’s mission is to grow, promote, and protect the health and fitness industry, while providing its members with benefits and resources. IHRSA is the publisher of Club Business International, the leading monthly magazine for the global fitness industry. IHRSA's 41st International Convention & Trade Show will be hosted from June 22-24, 2022, in Miami Beach, FL. To learn more about obtaining a media pass, contact

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