SoulBody ZenBurn is a yoga inspired sculpt and cardio fusion class that builds strength and endurance with a mindful approach. This new program matches SoulBody’s philosophy of staying ahead of the curve and providing consistent choreography.

Like all SoulBody programs, clubs will enjoy no licensing fees, quality support from SoulBody’s HQ and consistency in teachings through quarterly choreography.

So what exactly is ZenBurn? ZenBurn promises a full body workout, leaving not one muscle left behind. The program begins with a mindful yoga flow and jumps into sculpting work using light to medium hand weights and higher repetition for that true “SoulBody Burn.” This new program provides a unique combination of weighted yoga poses along with more traditional weighted exercises that is sure to appeal to a wide variety of participants. In the mix are cardio surges to elevate the heart rate—lateral and dynamic movements, high impact and low impact options ... we’ve got it all! Did someone say yoga burpees? Yes! Ramp up the intensity with high options or follow along with modifications. After the work is done, deep yoga stretches provide muscle recovery and enhance mobility. To close, its time to find your inner “Zen” with a few moments of relaxation set to calming instrumental music.

SoulBody held its first ZenBurn Teacher Training at Merritt Clubs in Baltimore, MD USA on November 2, 2019, to a packed classroom of Group Fitness Instructors and has plans for a busy training schedule in 2020.

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Contact Information: SoulBody Fitness, Stacey Seward Vandiver,