PHOENIX, AZ—September 2019—Travis Helm, the CEO of Solution One Partners, will participate in a panel discussion on member retention at the Club Industry Show in Chicago, October 9-11. Mr. Helm and Sunil Saha, CEO of Perkville, will discuss strategies for improving membership retention and engagement during the one-hour session, entitled “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”. Chris Stevenson, the Owner of Stevenson Fitness, will moderate the panel, which is convening on Thursday, October 10 at 3:00 pm.

“Member retention and engagement is the lifeblood of any health club,” notes Mr. Helm. “Without a comprehensive strategy for engaging members, no health club can hope to be successful in this competitive environment.”

Accordingly, the session will focus on “tips and tricks” for health club owners and managers to keep their members from straying. Topics will include the use of awards and incentives, innovative ideas such as gamification and sweepstakes and other ideas for keeping members engaged. “An engaged member is a loyal member,” observes Mr. Helm.

In addition to participating in the session, Mr. Helm will be available throughout the show to talk to health club owners and managers who would like to discuss their specific needs and challenges.

For more information about the panel, or to make an appointment with Mr. Helm during the show, please call David Gould at 602-603-9988 or write him at

About Solution One Partners

Solution One Partners is the leading provider of incentive and award programs in the health club industry, serving millions of club members nationwide. The Company develops and manages turn-key, custom-designed programs for health clubs of every size, from fitness studios to multi-location full-service chains. Its “Next Generation” rewards platform provides a wide range of benefits for members and club employees, including savings on travel, brand-name merchandise, restaurants, local merchants, movies, events, wine and other products and services. For more information, please visit the Solution One Partners website or contact David Gould, EVP of Sales & Marketing at