SHERMAN OAKS, CA—July 18, 2019Reunify, a leading provider of member engagement and retention services to the health and fitness industry, today announced the release of its newest module, a chatbot (chat app that uses AI) called Fy.

As email communication has become oversaturated, chatbots are rising in popularity for businesses to more efficiently receive and respond to customer messages. Fy was developed specifically for the health and fitness industry to address the challenge of maintaining consistent engagement with members. Fy leverages Reunify's AI technology and can easily be integrated with a club's existing technology to better identify customer issues and to be timelier and more proactive in engaging with members—ensuring they are receiving high levels of service. Fy can be used to answer frequent member questions by selecting the right answer to give to members, based on a Reunify's patent pending, built-in prediction model. Fy can also learn members' patterns and responses and knows which answer has been accepted by customers the most and picks relevant answers from a ranked list. It can alert a business to potential issues early and allow members to provide feedback.

"We have heard from numerous prospects and customers about the challenges they have in making member engagement a day-to-day activity at the clubs. Fy helps remove that friction and seamlessly works with the staff to enhance the member experience," stated Erdal Guner, Reunify's President.

Fy Capabilities:

  • Virtual agent for member engagement
  • Answers frequent questions
  • Receives member feedback
  • Addresses users' most frequent issues or questions
  • Sales and prospect handling
  • Automated warm transfers to:
    • Live Chat
    • Call Center
    • Service end points
  • Fully customizable

Fy can work in coordination with mobile apps, act as a website plug-in, work with existing chatbot technology, integrate with social media channels and integrate with call centers.

Press Contact:

Alex Buffington
P: 202-297-9426

About Reunify

Reunify is SaaS provider focused on bringing AI-powered solutions to the health and fitness industry. With over a decade of research and development, led by nationally award-winning scientists, Reunify has created dozens of AI-driven predictive algorithms. Built specifically for the health and fitness industry, Reunify boasts the industry's first accurate risk score for member cancellation.

Our suite of products work together to enhance critical areas of club operations. Reunify is backed by a prominent technology investment firm and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.