April 2020—Digitalization is clearly on its path, and this can also be observed in the fitness and health care sectors. More and more fitness studios are turning to digital offerings: from fully connected fitness devices, to online courses, or a wide variety of fitness and health trackers. Pixformance has been adopting this digital approach since its foundation in 2012, and as a pioneer for digital training concepts, it brought the Pixformance Station (former: “Smart Trainer”) to the market. The women's club chain Mrs.Sporty was the first internationally operating provider to introduce Pixformance in almost all its clubs. Since then, many other fitness studios, as well as physiotherapy practices, rehabilitation clinics and companies with corporate fitness have been benefiting from the innovative training solution.

Based on the latest scientific training findings, Pixformance has now launched a new version of the training innovation: the Pixformance Station 2.0.

"We developed and improved our Pixformance Concept. For example, there are currently around 200 functional exercises available for individual and personalized training at the Station. Furthermore, we have equipped the Pixformance Station 2.0 with a touch screen and integrated a virtual training area on-screen. Also the design has been significantly improved: the Station itself has become even slimmer and got a modern look. It is important to us, that we are constantly moving forward. We will remain a pioneer for technology and innovation with our new digital training device!“ said Pixformance founder Valerie Bures-Bönström about the new version of the training innovation from Pixformance.

Personalized training with virtual guidance

The large selection of functional exercises enables a varied, individual workout, regardless of your personal fitness level and state of health. The computer-based training supports and relieves the trainers while caring for their members. The integrated camera scans 25 joint points and 9 static points of the user and precisely analyses the movements during the exercise. On that basis, corrections are continuously displayed in real time, with easy-to-implement visual and textual training instructions and suggestions for improvement. Also, a virtual trainer shows the exercise on the screen. This ensures that they are performed correctly and safely, without constant 1-to-1 supervision. The direct feedback from the station is especially motivating and fun during the training. Depending on the size and range of the fitness studio, Pixformance can be used for individual training, group training or circuit training.

Martijn Van der Pijl equipped his gym “SlimBezig” in Veldhoven, Netherlands with the digital Pixformance training equipment several years ago: "With Pixformance we offer a variety of functional exercises with which our trainers can challenge the members. In addition, the exercises can also be executed responsibly without a trainer".

Member support even during the health crisis of COVID-19

Even during the current corona health crisis, training units with Pixformance are possible. Thanks to the exercise instructions and continuous correction in real time, the users can also train independently. Depending on the facility and while maintaining the suggested safe distance, a training with more than one person a session could be provided. Due to the current contact lockout, only a maximum of 2 people should train at the same time. With the personalized QR-code cards for each member, a contactless start of the workout is possible. Even in closed studios, trainers can continue to look after their members thanks to the 360° Pixformance Concept.

360° Pixformance Concept comprising Pixformance Station, Pixformance Online Platform and Pixformance App

The Pixformance App enables users to recall their previously performed exercises at home. A special home workout can also be created via the web-based Pixformance Online Platform, which can be started in the App. All training results and progress can be viewed quickly and easily at any time via the Online Platform or the App and be adjusted according to the individual progress. Thus, the training can be continued without any problems even without on-site support. The Pixformance App is available for free, and even members who have not trained at the Pixformance Station before can use it. With workout inspirations, workout reminders, and many other features, this fitness app offers a good addition to the training even beyond the current situation.

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