December 3, 2019—Perkville, a leading loyalty and rewards program in the fitness space, and Twin Oaks Software, a leading club management software provider, today announced an integration that makes it easy for health club owners to grow revenue with rewards.

Through Twin Oaks Software and Perkville’s all-in-one referral and rewards program, gym owners can reward members for checking in, attending classes and appointments, making purchases, and referring new members. Business owners can choose how many points to award for each desired action, and points automatically expire when memberships are cancelled.

“An integration with Twin Oaks Software was a no-brainer: their business is run by a team of former health and fitness club owners, and they understand their needs and pain points clearly,” said Sunil Saha, CEO of Perkville. “One of those pain points is how to keep bringing new members into the door through word-of-mouth and buzz. Our rewards program encourages referrals and customer retention, and we’re excited to offer it to Twin Oaks Software clients.”

“Twin Oaks Software takes pride in offering solutions that help club owners improve and grow their business without taking up their valuable time, and Perkville shares this commitment,” said Carole Oat, National Sales Manager at Twin Oaks Software. “Through this integration with Perkville, our clients can now tap into a powerful rewards program that drive referrals and improve member retention.”

About Perkville

Perkville is the leading customer reward platform in the health and fitness industry, serving 2,500 locations worldwide. Perkville’s reward programs are custom-tailored to each club to drive retention, referrals and in-club purchases. The platform integrates with most membership systems and white labeled apps to provide a seamless experience for gym and studio members. For more information, visit the Perkville website.

About Twin Oaks Software

Founded in 1991, Twin Oaks Software provides as an all-inclusive health club software package designed to enhance club profitability, deliver best in class rate billing and returns management service as well as provide the most effective way to manage membership data. Developed by longtime, successful, former club operators, Twin Oaks Software provides reliable, affordable software and EFT billing services with proven results. Visit the Health Club Software website for more information or email to learn more.