SANTA CLARA, California—May 31, 2020—Mio Labs Inc. and PEAR Sports have partnered to develop real-time, adaptive training apps to complement the mioPOD heart rate tracker: mioCUE and mioCOACH.

“We are excited to deliver smart, interactive training content as well as the PEAR Pro workout builder tools for MIO’s innovative line of biometric wearables,” said Bob Allison, Co-founder of PEAR Sports.

“We know PEAR’s real-time, human-coach guidance solutions increase user engagement and will help establish MIO as a leader in the connected fitness space.”

mioCUE and mioCOACH, enhanced by PEAR, will combine the best in mobile and wearable technology with interactive audio and video coaching, voiced by world-class athletes. PEAR’s Training Intelligence provides interactive coaching in real-time, utilizing biometric markers and contextual inputs that balance training to optimize results. Additionally, mioCOACH allows coaches and personal trainers to quickly customize individual and group workouts with smart guidance for proper sequencing, training load, and recovery balance.

“We are happy to provide gym members with our latest device, the mioPOD, that can be used in the gym setting during training, or outside the gym to track all exercise,” said Marcelo Aller, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Together, mioCUE and mioCOACH will provide members with the tools needed to engage, motivate and transform their lifestyles and to help them achieve their fitness goals. For more information, visit the Mio Labs website.

For further information, download mioCOACH brochure.

About MIO

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, MIO—the consumer product arm of Mio Labs Inc.—has created performance wearables to empower fitness-minded individuals since 1999. MIO’s adaptive training insights are designed to optimize training and performance, guiding athletes at every level to perform at their peak. To learn more about MIO, visit the Mio Labs website.

About PEAR Sports

PEAR Sports is perfecting the personalized delivery of digital health, wellness and fitness programs. Our platform and solutions deliver on-demand customized coaching that creates great experiences for customers and enterprises. Visit the PEAR Sports website.