EMERSACKER, GERMANY—28 January 2021—After adding the ‘five’ movement concept to its portfolio last year, the milon Group is consistently continuing its investment and growth course in 2021. The company is sending a clear signal to the industry by bringing on board ten renowned sales and concept experts. In taking this step, milon is heralding both a structural realignment and the next round of innovations. To achieve this, the development department and technology centre in Augsburg have also been realigned and strengthened, with the addition of UX specialists and programmers from the gaming section. Among other things, operators and those exercising can look forward to a new technology platform, which stands head and shoulders above all the existing systems on the market and will form a basis for all new devices and innovations in the future. As early as this year, the next generation of the milonizer biometric scanner tool will hit the market, based on this platform. There will also be user experience and training display updates on devices in the Q series, as well as a fundamental development of the Q free software control system. Other projects include the new development of an innovative pulley concept. Thanks to the solid financial strength of the company, and sustained by the support of sole shareholder Hubert Haupt, the milon Group, under the leadership of Wolf Harwath and Bernd Reichle, is investing massively in sustainable solutions for a successful future. Particularly during the current pandemic, the roadmap is also a conscious sign of support for studios, physio facilities and rehabilitation centres.

Despite the challenges currently facing the industry, the milon Group comes into the new year with positive news. At the start of the year, the German pioneer underwent a realignment, which saw the company bolstered by the addition of ten experts, all of whom have moved to the milon Group from direct competitors. Among the key figures are some of the best-known and most successful sales and concept professionals in the industry, such as Marc Wisner and Alexander Strahl. They strengthen the milon and five sales team, led by Andreas Kreil, in the core markets of Germany and Switzerland. The merged team means customers can now be cared for with even greater competence and a wider range of services.

The personnel reinforcement goes hand in hand with structural and conceptional changes. The sales department will significantly expand its market and customer presence. The popular network meetings organised by milon and five will be enhanced and intensified. The newcomers to the team also bring with them greater conceptional expertise. The best know-how from the two training worlds is now combined under one roof, meaning that completely new solutions will also enrich the portfolio of milon and five in the future. The basis remains the innovative strength and endurance training equipment from milon and the proven movement concept of five. The fact that the latest generation of devices is available with certification according to the German Act on Medical Devices (MPG) has recently contributed to the growing demand.

On the product side, 2021 is all about the consistent further development of the milon Q series. As well as the latest update, isokinetic training for rehabilitation patients has also been optimised. For open spaces, there is Q free – a training concept that provides even broader target groups with electronic and individual training. The data and findings from the first lockdown in spring 2020 showed that effective free training – whilst maintaining social distancing – represents a useful addition to existing circuit training concepts, especially for younger and ambitious people.

The enhancements to and further development of the training worlds are primarily aimed at effectively supporting studios and practices, to allow them to prepare for the change in demand after the coronavirus pandemic. Technologies like Q free have many benefits here, which are not available outside the studio or practice, and which allow a valuable differentiation between training at specialist facilities and the current trend for home gyms.

Concepts from renowned strategic partners, who will complement the portfolio in 2021, also result in new synergies between the training options provided by milon and five. This gives operators new and effective tools, with which to acquire new members. They open up new market potential, which, according to the experts, are as big and exciting as the classic fitness market itself.

Wolf Harwath, Managing Director, milon Group: “As people who deal with the issue of health on a daily basis, we believe our task is to address the current challenges resolutely and with vigour. For this reason, we are currently fully committed to continuing our investment and growth strategy. Expanding our team will once again significantly strengthen our market position. I am really pleased that we have been able to acquire some of the best and most innovative minds in the industry. Our customers and we ourselves, as an innovation leader, will see the benefits. With the bigger team, the innovations planned, and the expansion of our range of services, we are setting course for a successful future for the milon Group, and sending a positive signal for the entire industry.“

Hubert Haupt, sole shareholder, milon Group: “Anyone who trains is looking ahead – that is also how I think and act as a businessman and investor. In challenging times like these, it is worth investing in the future with good concepts and specific objectives. For this reason, we are pushing ahead with the transformation of the milon Group, in order to establish ourselves as the clear number one in the digital, connected fitness market. We have now laid the foundations, on which to achieve this: We have tested all the structures and processes, and have introduced many changes on the way. An important part of this is the extensive addition to our staff, which means that milon and five are now better positioned in terms of sales and concept than ever before. I am looking forward to the new training worlds, with which we will continue to shape the exciting future market that is fitness, both in Germany and internationally."

milon and five are companies within the milon Group. The combination of milon’s strength and endurance training systems, and five’s revolutionary movement training, represents an ideal mix for those training, both from a sports science and a physiotherapeutic point of view.

About milon

Innovation and quality “made in Germany” – with tradition, whilst also looking ahead: For 50 years, milon has been helping people to train as easily, safely and effectively as possible. The result is unique training systems, accompanying system solutions, and comprehensive operator concepts, which are now sold around the world and used in fitness and health facilities. Throughout all this, the person always takes centre stage: milon aims to allow everybody to implement their individual and connected health management. The approval of the MED series meets the demands of the German Act on Medical Devices (MPG) and allows milon to achieve a holistic, health-oriented training portfolio. Over one million people already train on a daily basis on the connected milon system, and thousands are joining them every day. milon is the leading manufacturer of electronically-controlled training systems and the pioneer of the Connected Training System, which offers operators, trainers and those training the best digital, connected training and care. All milon devices are manufactured in Germany, with great care and in accordance with certified quality processes. Here, software, mechanics and electronics development experts are constantly working together with sports scientists, trainers and studio operators on the future of the digitally-connected fitness system. More information at www.milon.com.

About five

With its revolutionary parcours equipment and tools, five has managed to simplify movement training and fascia exercise for anybody wishing to exercise. The company, whose equipment is all made from wood in five’s home, the Black Forest, has been operating in Germany and beyond for a number of years, and now sells its products in 19 countries. The exercises help the body recover from the bent position we find ourselves in on a daily basis – four to five backward movements a day can influence the way the body feels and have a positive effect on the person. five addresses the entire body. The method can be used to relieve existing issues and as a preventative measure. More information at www.five-konzept.de.

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