OCONOMOWOC, WI—May 4, 2021—Despite the challenges of small group training during the coronavirus pandemic, Midtown Athletic Club (MAC), a luxury brand with eight locations, successfully opened ARENA specialty functional training studios in November 2020 in its Rochester, NY, and Bannockburn, IL, facilities.

Using a basic line-up of 10 treadmills and 10 FITBENCH STUDIO units, the ARENA offers addictive experiences to hard-working exercisers. The FITBENCH, which houses four sets of rubber hexagon dumbbells (10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds), one 12-pound slam ball, and three sets of FITBANDS, enables MAC coaches to maximize their creativity for two to three 45-minute classes daily.

APEX focuses on strength, power, and speed through treadmill work and exercises using dumbbells and slam balls. ENDURE emphasizes balance and stability with dumbbells and resistance bands, alternating with longer treadmill intervals.

“The coaches love to design creative workouts that flow easily using the FITBENCH,” said Christine Kull, studio manager at MAC. “With this versatile tool, the ideas are endless!”

The compact, sleek FITBENCH facilitates efficient routines, seamless transitions, and valuable functionality.

“Because everything is stored within the FITBENCH, transitions are simple and the energy of the classes is constant, without members having to stop to get equipment from another area,” added Kull. In addition, the FITBENCH serves as an incline and decline weight bench or a plyo box, and “is stable and comfortable, just the right height, and safe to step or jump on.”

Keeping the ARENA clean is simple with the FITBENCH’s locking and unlocking feet. When unlocked, benches are completely mobile, even fully loaded with weights. And it’s easy for MAC staff to access the area under and around the benches to ensure that the workout space is sanitized for each class.

For the approximately 4,000 members of the 160,000 square foot Rochester MAC Club, the 1500-square-foot ARENA provides welcome challenge and camaraderie – which are vital components that attract and retain health club members.

“Members absolutely love this space, and the classes fill up so quickly that I had to add back-to-back sessions to accommodate those on the wait list,” noted Kull. “We’re getting lots of rave reviews!”


FITBENCH is the all-in-one, space-saving workout bench. We innovate safe and space-saving fitness solutions. Our products are thoughtfully designed to maintain workout intensity and variety, while facilitating quick exercise transitions in a safe and neat manner. These robust, organized, and portable benches deliver exceptional performance that drives participation at boutique studios, health clubs, and vertical market fitness facilities. We are the Benchmark of Fitness.

For more information, contact the company at 800-294-0536; info@fitbench.com.