COSTA MESA, CA—November 4, 2019—The MedFit Education Foundation (MFEF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, announced that it will host the Medical Fitness Tour educational conference at the University of California, Irvine, February 6-8, 2020. This will be the 2nd annual Medical Fitness Tour event in Irvine, CA.

The United States is having a health crisis, with a significant increase in obesity, chronic disease, and individuals with multiple medical conditions. These clients/members, once thought as the exception, are now becoming the norm. They’re seeking fitness professionals, gyms and facilities who understand who they are, what they are suffering from and how they can be helped to restore function and preserve their quality of life.

The Medical Fitness Tour was created for fitness & allied healthcare professionals who want to elevate themselves and step into this space understanding, knowledge and opportunities in the growing “medical fitness” space.

“America is struggling to define ‘healthcare’ and more importantly, correct an out-of-control epidemic categorized as ‘chronic disease,’” says Lisa Dougherty, founder of the MedFit Education Foundation. “Nobody is better positioned to capitalize on this gap between human need and medical offerings that the elite fitness professional with specialized knowledge, and the medical community working together.”

The event will include 10 single track sessions & 20+ breakout sessions, evening mixer, kick-off event with screening of the lifestyle medicine Code Blue: The Documentary, wine tasting with Smart Vine Wines, and 7 pre-conference workshops.

Conference single track sessions include:

  • Healthcare Through Fitness: You Are The Solution (Dr. Evan Osar, Chiropractic Physician; Co-Founder, Institute for Integrative Health & Fitness)
  • Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance in Your Client Population. Botanical Strategies for Gut Health and Detoxification (Brendan Vermeire, Integrative Clinician, Functional Medicine Practitioner)
  • How Footwear Causes Foot Problems (Dr. Ray McClanahan, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine)
  • Managing The Inflammatory Load: How Inflammation Inhibits Fitness and is a Hallmark of Chronic Disease (Dr. Cheryl Burdette, Co-founder and Educational Director, Dunwoody Lab)
  • The Real Root Causes of Thyroid Imbalances (Reed Davis, Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  • How to Combine Fitness & Medicine to Redefine Healthcare: The 5 Pillars Of Integrative Practice Success (J.R. Burgess, medical fitness business expert; Co-Founder, Medfit, LLC and Healthovators)
  • Managing Pain Through Movement and Manipulation (Leslee Bender, Founder, Bender Method)
  • Nutrigenetics: Using Genetics to Optimize Nutritional Absorption and Open the Conversation of Customized DNA Nutrition and Supplementation (Dr. Jen Meyer, Certified Genetic/Nutrigenetic Specialist)
  • Business Success Formula (Karen Mileski, Executive Coach And Consultant)
  • Turn Your Learning Experience Into a Take-Home Action Plan (with all presenters)

Four-hour pre-Conference workshops for this event include:

  • Innovative Client Centered Total Joint Care: Optimizing Pre/Post Joint Replacement Exercise Prescription Offerings (Dr. Stephen Black, Physical Therapist; Founder, Rocky Mountain Human Performance Center)
  • Stroke Recovery & Exercise (Tracy Markley, Fitness Specialist and stroke recovery exercise expert)
  • Women’s Fitness, Health, & Hormones (Debra Atkinson, hormone balancing exercise expert; Dr. Michelle Maddux, Director of Education, Toolbox Genomics ; Danielle Spangler, pre and postnatal fitness expert)
  • Functional Flexibility and your Fascia for the Active Aging (Leslee Bender, Founder, Bender Method)
  • Exercise Programming for Cancer Survivors (Andrea Leonard, cancer exercise expert; Founder, Cancer Exercise Training Institute)
  • Medical Fitness Impact Plan (J.R. Burgess, medical fitness business expert; Co-Founder, Medfit, LLC And Healthovators)
  • Aging Stronger: Designing Corrective Exercise, Fall Prevention and Cognitive Enhancement Training Programs (Ryan Glatt, Brain Health Coach and Creator, Brain Health Trainer course; Dr. Evan Osar, Chiropractic Physician and Co-Founder, Institute for Integrative Health & Fitness; Dr. Christian Thompson, Associate Professor, University of San Francisco; Founder, Mobility Matters)

For more information on the event, please visit the event website. An early bird rate of $249 is available until October 30. Pre-conference workshops can be added on during check-out for only $49 each.

About the Medical Fitness Tour

The Medical Fitness Tour was created by the MedFit Education Foundation, a non-profit public education organization dedicated to creating and facilitating education programming to empower fitness & allied healthcare professionals to work confidently with the aging population and those with chronic disease or medical conditions, disabilities, women’s health issues. Each Medical Fitness Tour event consists of 1-4 days of education. Sessions are presented by leading educators on important, relevant, evidence-based topics.

About MedFit Education Foundation (MFEF)

The MedFit Education Foundation (MFEF) is nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded to elevate the quality and amount of available education for fitness professionals to learn how to best work with our aging population or those with medical conditions/chronic disease or those with disabilities. The Foundation’s primary goal is to facilitate professional webinars and live education workshops across the country.