SYDNEY, Australia—February 10, 2020—“Over the past 5 years we have seen the growth of The Fitness Business Podcast and have always felt a strong association with their mission to provide professional development resources for the fitness industry. When the partnership opportunity became available we were confident that Keepme and The Fitness Business Podcast would be a great fit,” said Ian Mullane, Founder of Keepme.

“Keepme is the proven AI-powered revenue acceleration platform and the Fitness Business Podcast is the smart podcast for becoming better at leading fitness businesses to generate more income and retain members longer. Our product uses artificial intelligence, to identify members who are close to cancelling and win them back before they leave. With clubs in the UK, Australia and the US using our product, we believe we can now add value to the International industry and The Fitness Business Podcast will allow us to give back.”

The Fitness Business Podcast launched in May 2015 and has produced over 275 weekly shows, which translates to over 540,000 downloads with listeners tuning in from all over the globe. Guests have included industry experts, club managers and world renowned authors.

Keepme joins the existing podcast partners on the show: Myzone, One Fit Stop, Tribe Team Training and Team RockStar Fit.

“We are thrilled to welcome Keepme as our new partner. We are super excited that in every show we will now have the Keepme Fitbizpiration Tips. This is a regular segment where guests share 3 actions to implement after listening to the show,” said Chantal Brodrick, host of The Fitness Business Podcast.

“The shows that focus on accelerating revenue have been a very popular genre for us with outstanding download numbers. We know this is something clubs want help with and that makes Keepme a great fit for our #FBPFamily.”

The weekly Fitness Business Podcast can be found on iTunes or here.

About The Fitness Business Podcast

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