BOSTON, MA—April 30, 2021—IHRSA, The Global Health and Fitness Association, is modifying its current membership structure and broadening membership opportunities to unite and assist the health and fitness industry post-COVID.

To offer its members more opportunity to engage and take advantage of the benefits that best suit their needs, IHRSA will shift to a tiered benefit structure for health clubs. Developed in conjunction with a team of industry leaders, membership options for clubs will include:

  1. Basic: This level is ideal for companies that want to engage with industry best practices, resources, and experts. Operators will have access to management tools and industry insights to recover, innovate, and grow their business while expanding their voice and becoming more active in public affairs.
  2. Standard: This level is designed for operators that want to grow their business, develop skills, train staff, and contribute to the industry. Operators can expect diverse insight, data-driven research, and tactics to curate stronger industry relationships and help build their business.
  3. Premium: Created for those that want to lead their company and the industry as a whole to the highest degree of success, this level includes executive insight, priority service, and greater brand recognition. Expanded access to exclusive networking, events, and research, plus greater involvement in public affairs, lobbying efforts, and improving the industry’s image round out the premium membership.

“The new tiered membership allows IHRSA members to engage with the fitness industry at a level of their choosing, and which fits their needs best,” said Alan Leach, CEO of the West Wood Clubs in Dublin, Ireland, and chair-elect of the IHRSA Board of Directors. “At a time when uniting the industry has become so important, the additional membership options provide a voice to sectors of the industry that weren’t previously represented. It was a pleasure working with IHRSA and the Headlight Group to cultivate a new membership structure that focuses on meeting members where they are.”

More Membership Opportunities

IHRSA will also add a Studio Membership and Professional Membership. Although hundreds of studios are currently IHRSA members, the new memberships make it easier for studios and health and fitness industry professionals to be more involved with IHRSA. Studios and industry professionals can share their voices in the industry, build new relationships, learn new skills, and connect with the greater fitness industry.

The goals of the new membership layout are to:

  • Be more inclusive,
  • Provide flexibility and allow members a choice in how to interact with IHRSA based on the benefits needed, and
  • Assist in funding advocacy efforts and public affairs.

“The goal of the tiered membership structure and additional membership options is to provide services to virtually any professional or business in the health and fitness industry,” said Brent Darden, IHRSA interim president and CEO. “IHRSA is fighting for the entire industry’s success. We hope that more clubs, studios, and industry professionals will join IHRSA, become more active with advocacy, and expand the industry’s voice. Supporting IHRSA through memberships enhances the success of your business and the industry. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

Current members will transition into the Standard Club Membership and enjoy added benefits. The transition to a tiered membership for existing members will begin in July as memberships come up for renewal.

For U.S. members, a portion of the IHRSA membership dues will go toward the public affairs and National Health & Fitness Alliance’s (NHFA) efforts to support industry advocacy and public relations efforts. In contrast, international membership dues will contribute to the Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA). An investment in membership also means an investment in the IHRSA Foundation. IHRSA pledges to donate 1% of its total annual revenues to the foundation to promote health through exercise.


IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, is a not-for-profit trade association representing the global fitness industry of over 200,000 health and fitness facilities and their suppliers.

IHRSA maintains a leadership role in advancing physical activity, which is critical to peak health and fight the battle against obesity and chronic lifestyle disease. As one of the world's leading authorities on the commercial health club industry, IHRSA’s mission is to grow, promote, and protect the health and fitness industry. IHRSA provides its members with benefits and resources that will help them be more successful. IHRSA and its members are devoted to making the world happier, healthier, and more prosperous through regular exercise and activity promotion. IHRSA is the publisher of Club Business International, the leading monthly magazine for the global fitness industry.