UNITED KINGDOM—June 13, 2019—New tech takes gym membership outside and anywhere. It's even more rewarding!

Worrying about your members cancelling for the summer holiday? Why should they waste money when they’re nowhere near the facility? Gyms and leisure centres across the UK now have access to a new digital programme that rewards members for staying active wherever they are active—even if they are away. But how does that work?

Thanks to the new partnership between Harlands Group and Active Points, it's now possible to take your membership anywhere you go. 52% of gym members are now using activity trackers. They might as well gain some added benefits. Fitbit and Garmin users can get a greater return on the value of their subscription by staying active wherever they go. Whether they're at the gym or outdoors, the membership virtually goes with the member.

Active Points' technology offers standard data tracking and goal setting with data visualisation. It also offers a rewards points programme offering added value to the gym membership, even while they're at work or on holiday. Points can be redeemed for thousands of rewards with major UK brands, restaurants and experience providers, plus added discounts up to 15% off.

But what makes this different?

With Harlands' Gym Operators Programme, members can seamlessly check-in and earn points. No card needed! For £100 per location per month, gyms can offer the programme that will track members using Fitbit, Garmin and Myzone wearables. With each member's permission, the club can track data to focus on offering extra support in motivating their members' fitness journeys in and out of their facilities.

With all these bonuses, gym-goers will have the peace of mind of keeping their membership subscriptions while on summer holiday, or if they need a break in their routines. Lapsed memberships will reduce to offer revenue retention for gym operators. Plus gyms can earn secondary income from Fitness tracker sales to members. This programme offers added value to gym membership services by making it easy, fun and rewarding for customers. Now they can take their memberships virtually anywhere!

Are you an operator looking to take your business to the next level? For more information, visit the Active Points website.