Fort Collins, CO—June 28, 2018—Wichita, KS, entrepreneur and philanthropist Rodney Steven II announced today via his official Twitter account that Genesis Health Clubs will acquire the Fort Collins Club in Fort Collins, CO. With a storied history of over 30 years as a fitness leader in the community, the 55,000 square foot club represents a large step forward for Genesis Health Clubs and its members in Colorado.

The move sees Genesis Health Clubs solidifying its position as the leading fitness provider in Fort Collins. Following its November acquisition of Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, the move further expands its footprint in the state and follows on several years of explosive growth throughout the Midwest and brings the total count of Genesis Health Clubs locations to 46 across Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Genesis will use the move to consolidate resources, closing its Miramont Central branch and immediately upgrading all members to full membership to the Fort Collins Club. Members will gain access to premium amenities, including indoor and outdoor pools, cafe, basketball, a café, pickleball, squash, handball, volleyball, barre and Pilates.

Furthermore, current Fort Collins Club members will soon experience upgrades of their own with new equipment and greatly expanded weight room on the way, in addition to more upgrades to be announced.

Genesis Health Clubs Owner and President Rodney Steven II indicated that this was a key strategic move for the company in Fort Collins. “Genesis Health Clubs typically owns all of our locations, but that wasn’t possible with Miramont Central. I knew from the moment we came into Colorado that I wanted more for the members there, and now we’re making it happen. Soon they’ll be enjoying dozens of new amenities in a larger, more full-featured facility or just laying by the pool and enjoying the summer.”

Steven continued, “As for the members of the Fort Collins Club, they already have a beautiful facility with wonderful amenities. The one area I saw where it could use some improvement was the weight room, and we’re going to make that happen within the next few weeks. We’ll be bringing in dozens of pieces of new equipment, dramatically expanding the footprint of the weight room and making some big improvements in the layout. They’re going to love it.”

Fort Collins Club co-owner Todd Heenan welcomed the news. “It’s been quite a ride for George and Teresa Girardi and I. We still absolutely love this club and our members, but it’s time to take a step back. It was important for us to find someone to take over and really invest in our members. Fortunately, Rodney and the team at Genesis came along, and we can rest easy knowing that they’ll make sure our members get the attention and customer service they deserve.”

When asked about future plans for Colorado, Steven seemed optimistic, “Colorado has been one of the best moves this company has ever made. The whole state is so fitness-minded; it’s really refreshing. We’d love to be all over Colorado. It’s just a matter of finding the right opportunities. We’re off to a great start; we’ll see what the future holds.”

About Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs believes innovating, educating and helping people look and feel better than they ever have before. By providing the most well-rounded gym experience in their 46 health clubs throughout the Midwest and recently Colorado, Genesis delivers premium amenities, a variety of classes and world-class training to its members. Genesis Health Clubs will continue to grow, change, innovate, add new services and even new locations to give their members what they need to achieve their goals.