CANADA—April 29, 2020—GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest fitness chain, in a strategic partnership with interactive digital fitness expert FunXtion is introducing innovative white-labeled fitness technology solutions, one of which—a GoodLife branded app with branded virtual classes and training programs—launched sooner than anticipated.

COVID-19 Response

GoodLife, with over 235 clubs, and FunXtion had been collaborating for months to launch a complete new app (iOS, Android) but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the teams quickly pivoted efforts, adapting the app to ensure members could have access to a robust selection of at-home content to keep healthy physically and mentally during these challenging times.

GoodLife also created GoodLifeAtHome, to provide members (and everyone in Canada) access to a one-stop web-based resource for physical and mental health, which included a number of digital workouts and training plans from FunXtion.

"The situation with COVID-19 is very serious and changing rapidly. When we decided to close our clubs for the safety of the community, we knew we needed to accelerate our efforts with the FunXtion team to ensure our new app launched with a robust library of workout content that members could do in the comfort of their own homes,” explains Sander van den Born, Goodlife’s chief marketing and technology officer.

When Clubs Reopen

In anticipation of reopening clubs, GoodLife and FunXtion are in the process of building an absolute digital platform that, when fully launched, will provide members with additional health and wellness tools to enhance their lifestyles and help them achieve their fitness goals.

“When GoodLife Clubs reopen, the app, which launched on March 30, will also enable seamless on-boarding of new members, class booking, workout and training plans, in-app payments and day pass purchase, QR code login. In addition, members will be able to track performance and activity progress, connect with their Personal Trainer or the club at any time and engage on the club’s activity social wall. The branded in-club enhancements will also provide a workout creator and content, business analytics and a class scheduler. We want to have a flexible solution, embedding digital channels in everything we do in order to communicate a clear and consistent message, improve business efficiency and ultimately improve member experience,” said van den Born.

To create GoodLife’s premium solution, FunXtion integrated with Exerp, the existing club management system, to deliver a truly streamlined and scalable option, which includes a custom, branded app and branded in-club digital innovations including virtual classes.

Ernst De Neef, CEO of FunXtion adds: “Our flexible, white labeled packages allow clubs to tailor the content to suit their needs. Our branded virtual classes give clubs the option to choose from an ever-growing library of classes and the branded app and white-label solutions provide a way to boost brand loyalty.”

With the complexities involved with club management systems, GoodLife was confident in forming its strategic partnership with Exerp and FunXtion due to their strong reputations for delivering effective solutions to large club operators.

“I am proud that we can now support all GoodLife members at home and anywhere or anytime they want to work out. I am excited for the value and experience we are going to be able to offer our members,” concluded van den Born. “This partnership unlocks and enriches GoodLife’s digital potential and helps us to unlock a boutique-style experience that is so in demand.”

About Goodlife Fitness

Proudly Canadian since 1979, GoodLife is the largest group of fitness club chains in Canada and the fourth largest overall in the world. With almost 500 Clubs from coast-to-coast, over 12,000 employees and more than 1.5 million members, GoodLife is helping to transform the health and fitness of 1 in 25 Canadians every day. The GoodLife group of clubs includes: GoodLife Fitness, Fit4Less, ÉconoFitness and Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. To learn about GoodLife Fitness visit the Goodlife website.

About FunXtion

As a world-class health digital fitness company, founded by Ernst De Neef and Mendel Witzenhausen in 2011, FunXtion aims to transform the health and fitness industry by delivering tailor-made content and intelligence solutions. FunXtion’s interactive digital ecosystem offers unique insights, high-quality content and connectivity, not only to the club owners but also to the fitness teams and end-users.

The fitness market is evolving, and the digital revolution has begun. FunXtion is at the front of this revolution ready to support clubs by offering an ecosystem that can be tailored based on their needs. FunXtion can be found in over 23 countries and is expanding rapidly worldwide. The current system contains 100+ workouts, over 2000+ single exercises, and 150 virtual classes with continuous updates, features and new monthly trainings. To find out more about how FunXtion can meet members’ digital needs, visit the FunXtion website.

Media contact:
Adam Roberts
Public Relations Manager- GoodLife Fitness